Pesanan Ustaz Aqil……


Marilah bersama kita renungkan kata-kata ini. Semoga segala perlakuan kita
semua akan sentiasa diberkati dan dirahmati oleh Allah SWT pada setiap masa dan ketika.

Di dalam hidup manusia, yang penting ialah BERKAT.
Bila hidup kita berkat, diri ini akan selamat.

Apabila diri selamat, rumahtangga jadi sepakat.
Apabila rumahtangga jadi sepakat, masyarakat jadi muafakat.
Apabila masyarakat jadi muafakat, negara kita menjadi kuat.
Apabila negara menjadi kuat, negara luar jadi hormat.

Apabila negara luar jadi hormat, permusuhan pun tersekat.
Apabila permusuhan tersekat, pembangunan pun meningkat.
Apabila pembangunan pun meningkat, kemajuan menjadi pesat.

TETAPI AWAS, apabila pembangunan meningkat, kemajuan menjadi pesat,
kita lihat bangunan naik bertingkat-tingkat.

Ditengah-tengah itu, tempat maksiat tumbuh macam kulat.
Apabila tempat-tempat maksiat tumbuh macam kulat,
KETIKA ITU manusia mula mengubah tabiat.

Apabila manusia telah mengubah tabiat,
ada yang jadi lalat ada yang jadi ulat.

Apabila manusia dah jadi ulat, sembahyang makin hari makin liat.
Apabila sembahyang jadi liat, orang baik ada yang bertukar jadi jahat.
Apabila orang baik bertukar jahat, orang miskin pula nak kaya cepat.
Apabila orang miskin nak kaya cepat, orang tua pula nak mati lambat.
Apabila orang tua nak mati lambat, tak dapat minum madu telan jerla minyak

Yang lelaki, budak budak muda pakai seluar ketat.
Semua nak tunjuk kuat.

Bila berjudi, percaya unsur kurafat.
Tapi hidup pula yang melarat.
Tali kasut dah tak berikat.
Rambut pun jarang sikat.

Yang perempuan, pakai mini sekerat.
Suka pakai baju ketat.
Suka sangat menunjukkan pusat.

Hingga tak pedulikan lagi batasan aurat.
Pakai pulak yang singkat-singkat.
Kadang-kadang ternampak benda ‘bulat’.

Bila jadi macam ini, siapa lihat pasti tercegat.
Silap gaya jadi gawat, bohsia bohjan lagi hebat.
Duduk jauh berkirim surat.

Bila berjumpa, tangan berjabat.
Kemudian pakat lawan peluk siapa erat.
Masa tu, nafas naik sampai tersekat-sekat.

Usah peduli agama dan adat.
Usah takut Allah dan malaikat.
Yang penting apa kita nak buat?

Kita ‘bukti’ lah kita buat.
Akhirnya perut kempis dah jadi bulat.
Apabila perut kempis dah jadi bulat, maka lahirlah pula anak-anak yang tak cukup sifat.

Bila anak-anak tak cukup sifat, jam tu kita tengok bayi dibuang di merata tempat.

Dia kata apa? Habis manusia dah masuk jerat.
Habis manusia telah tersesat.

Inilah dia fenomena masyarakat.
Oleh itu wahai saudaraku dan para sahabat,
Marilah kita pakat mengingat,
Bahawa dunia hari ini makin singkat,
Esok atau lusa mungkin kiamat,
Sampai masa kita semua akan berangkat! .

Berangkat menuju ke negeri akhirat.

Di sana kita akan ditanya apa yang kita buat.
Masa tu, sindri mau ingat.

Umur mu banyak mana mu buat ibadat…?
Zaman muda mu, apa yang telah mu buat…?
Harta benda anta, dari mana anta dapat…?
Ilmu anta, adakah anta manafaat…?

Semoga ianya dapat mengingatkan kita supaya segera
meninggalkan maksiat dan memperbanyakkan ibadat.

(Petikan ucapan Ustaz Hj. Akil Hayy Rawa. Sebarkanlah ini kepada ahli keluarga, saudara-mara, rakan-rakan dan sahabat handai kita agar masyarakat kita akan menjadi sebuah masyarakat yang bukan sahaja maju dari segi duniawi malah ukhrawi. Insya-Allah…Allahhuakbar! Allahhuakbar! Allahhuakbar!)

The Meaning Of Retrenchment

The company that I had worked for the last seven years decided not to renew my contract because there is no more money left in producing DVD recorders for next year. Half of my colleagues had either left the company or are going to be transferred to the other departments and divisions of the company. Some of them are having their early retirement with their retrenchment benefits.

Within those seven years, I had tried to secure a stable employment at the company and other companies, but was unsuccessful. Nine more days I will be jobless and my main source of income is gone, cut off. Now I’m depending on my online incomes from Nuffnang, TLA and Google Adsense.

Why do someone do not want to hire me? Is it because of my resume? Or is it because of my high expectation salary? Or is it because of my age? Or is it because of my race and religion? I only received ONE interview (the interviewer had spied on me by asking one of my ex-colleague who is working there) after sending thousands of applications. For me, it’s their great loss of not employing me as now I got the opportunity to start a new career in a field that I have a whole lot more passion for.

Now I had a good reason to become a pro-blogger like John Chow. I hope with this, I will be a lot wealthier, happier and have a greater sense of freedom and purpose.

Singapore-Born Bisexual Show

While Singaporeans are busy campaigning to keep and repeal Section 377A of the Singapore Penal Code, I was busy watching a bisexual-themed reality dating show aired on MTV.

Until now I did not understand why Singaporeans are talking about “Outrages on decency” (Section 377A) which state that a male person who commits or abets the commission of, or procures or attempts to procure the commission by any male person of, any act of gross indecency with another male person, while no one question about the opposite sex (female). Not fair right? Why gays cannot but lesbians can?

Anyway I feel that Section 377A should be updated to avoid gender bias.

What about Section 377 – Carnal intercourse against the order of nature? The Section 377 state that whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animals shall be punished, has been repealed. Hmm… so now Singaporeans can have sex with animals ek?

I think repealing Section 377 is good, if not we will have more and more people in the jail because it carry an imprisonment for life punishment.

Coming back to the bisexual-themed reality dating show that I watched, it showcase 16 straight males and 16 lesbian female contestants competing for Tila Tequila‘s love. The program titled “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila” air on MTV every Tuesday starting 9th October 2007. I don’t know why MTV is promoting bisexual. Watch the episodes here or here. There also a debate on CNN about this show at her MySpace.

Some facts about Tila Tequila:

  • Her real name is Tila Nguyen.
  • She was born in Singapore while her family was emigrating from Vietnam after the Vietnam War.
  • She become popular because of MySpace.
  • She has an album titled “I Love U”.
  • She just released a new single called “Stripper Friends”. Nice song, google it and listen.

    Watch her chat video

    She by the pool. Enjoy.

    Lagu Jiwa Lagu Cinta

    Mawi kata :

    Menyanyi Kerana Gembira
    Menyanyi Kerana Sedih
    Menyanyi Kerana Rindu

    M.Nasir kata :

    Menari Kerana Melayan
    Menari Kerana Sunyi
    Menari Kerana Kasih

    Putera Emas kata :

    Menulis Kerana Suka
    Menulis Kerana Bosan
    Menulis Kerana Sayang

    By Hello Kitty


    Waking up in the wee hours of the morning

    Aren’t all of you supposed to be sleeping?

    I don’t understand this insanity

    After all, I’m only a Kitty

    Trying your best to be first in line

    Sleeping on the floor, no matter rain or shine

    Where is your sense of responsibility?

    After all, I’m only a Kitty

    Queuing for hours, so tired and moody

    I’ve seen some situations turn bad to ugly

    Rushing and pushing with no mercy

    After all, I’m only a Kitty

    Quarrelling and fighting just for a toy?

    Come on, you are adults, not a small boy!

    Please be patient, don’t be greedy

    After all, I’m only a Kitty

    Buying food, then throw them away

    What have you Singaporeans become today?

    Don’t waste your time, effort and money

    After all, I’m only a Kitty

    I see old uncle and aunties queuing in the sun

    Trying to buy me for their daughters and son

    Is this how you treat the elderly?

    After all, I’m only a Kitty

    My stock will run out, and soon I’ll be gone

    I will be forgotten when a new toy is born

    Left alone, to be dusty and dirty

    After all, I’m only a Kitty

    Thank You Internet!

    I had been putting this message at my msn messenger and friends had asked me why I do it. It is just my appreciation to the internet world. It had been my best friend for more than 8 years now.What will I be if there is no internet?
    1. Maybe I had a PHD with a good career.
    2. Maybe I got my own business.
    3. Maybe I’m married with few kids.

    Lately, the internet had been a boring place for me. It become more boring when it had slow connection speed both at home and at the office. The IT guys at work had been filtering all the not needed sites. Maybe next few weeks, blogspot.com will be filtered too.

    1. Thank You Internet for giving me more friends.
    2. Thank You Internet for giving me more knowledge.
    3. Thank You Internet for letting me having my own domains.
    4. Thank You Internet for letting me chat at Yahoo & MSN messengers.
    5. Thank You Internet for letting me downloading the videos, music and pictures.
    6. Thank You Internet for letting me surf Siti Nurhaliza Official Website where I get to know the real Siti Nurhaliza.
    7. Thank You Internet for letting me surf CCS where i get to know Siti Nurhaliza's fabulous fans.
    8. Thank You Internet for letting me surf SVOA where i get to know more Siti Nurhaliza's lovely fans.
    9. Thank You Internet for letting me blog at X-GuY.CoM where people will know me better.Sometime you had to decide which path you need to take. The future depends on you. But it is ALLAH's decision about your future. Maybe I took a wrong path. There is no turning back now as the time is running fast. Just need to carry on with a hope (not high hope) of going to the right direction.

    Thank You Internet! Thank You All!