Thanks And Goodbye 2007!

Nothing much have I done on this year. Spend some of my hard work salary on a LG 12′ notebook, 3-in-1 printer and a Home Theatre System. Went KL with Imraneo and Amino on April, managed to see Formula 1 at Sepang International Circuit and visit the casinos at Genting Highlands. Bought 3 new domains (, and for online money making. Managed to earn some money from Nuffnang, Adsense, TLA, ReviewMe and PayPerPost.

On January this year, I wrote about buying a new bike, but I did not managed to find the one that I like. Next year I’m thinking of buying a car instead. Maybe I go with the Suzuki Swift or Mazda 3. Buying car will depend only if I got a good better salary, near and free parking at the company. I also wrote about getting a girlfriend. Next year instead of a girlfriend, I’m looking for a wife lor.

Anyway, Goodbye 2007. Not a bad year although this year more and more people left the company. No pre-celebration on Christmas and New Year as the guy who always organised it had already left us.

Recap of 2005

What had i done in 2005?

– My first domain was created! X-Guy.Com
– Missed watching Singapore National team winning the Tiger Cup.

– Watching a Music Awards Presentation "Live" for the first time, the "Anugerah Planet Muzik".

– Went to the 1st Konsert Hanyut.

– Went to Suria Station for the first time watching Muzika Extravaganza show.
– Went to meet Siti Nurhaliza and the other artists at the airport for the first time. Took my 2nd picture with Siti Nurhaliza and the first picture with Dayang Nurfaizah.
– Busy with the "Smart Algo" project.
– Overtime over 100 hours!

– Rilex while my bosses taking a long holiday.

– Showing 3 fingers at the tail-gating driver. Then a chasing tragedy happened.
– My purple team championed the AVS Day 2005.

SimplySiti.Com was born.
– Went to Perak for the first time.
– Went to Siti Nurhaliza's solo concert in Singapore.
– Took the 3rd photo with Siti Nurhaliza. Maybe the last time for me.
– Met Siti Nurhaliza 3 time in 3 days.

– Adventured to Kuala Lumpur with my working friends.
– Watching National Day firework alone at Jurong East.

– Watched Siti Nurhaliza at the Johor Cultural Extravaganza.
– Watched C-Tea launcing in Singapore.
– Went to Changi Airport to meet Siti Nurhaliza, unfortunately she took the other entrance.

– Went Geylang Serai for the last time before they rebuild the place.

– Jalan Raya with NP guys.

– Went to the 2nd Konsert Hanyut at East Coast.
– Did not go to watch Siti Nurhaliza at the TAA Suria Show.
– No mood to meet Siti Nurhaliza at the airport.
– I missed to meet Siti Nurhaliza on all her show in Singapore!

Hi Hi 2005, Bye Bye 2004!

Tahun 2004 akan berlalu tak lama lagi. Selamat tinggal 2004 ku ucapkan, Selamat datang 2005!

Apa yg telah aku lalukan pada tahun 2004?

Jan : Cuti panjang, sambil2 berinterview sana-sini.

Febuari – March : Aku diberi peluang bekerja sebagai PC technician. Cita2 nak bekerja dibahagian IT tercapai jugak. Ramai kawan baru, bermacam ragam orang aku jumpa dan banyak tempat2 yg dapat aku pergi semasa aku bekerja disana.

April : Kembali ke company lamaku.

Mei : Paling bizi sekali sampaikan gajiku dah nak sama dengan gaji Engineer ku.

June : My very own Philips DVD Recorder @ 600SGD.

July : Pertama kali pergi menonton konsert diluar Singapura. Pertama kali bertemu dengan kawan2 online ku. Menyaksikan Siti perform secara "Live" setelah setahun tak berjumpa ct. Mana aku pergi tahun 2003? Hahaha… aku sembunyi dalam almari, maklumlah tahun SAR.

Ogos : Aku ke KL setelah 16 tahun.

Sept : Kali pertama dan mungkin yg terakhir Siti Nurhaliza bergambar dengan denganku!

Okt : My own Panasonic Video Camera @ 900SGD. Pertama kali adik Siti Nurhaliza, Saerah bergambar dengan aku.