PC Repairs

Firewall Slow Down The Internet?

A Starhub technician called me on Tuesday at around 4pm to fix the problem of my internet. What the hell he called me on a working day evening. I told him that I’m at work and he said that another guy will call me at 8-9 pm.

The second guy called me at 8.10pm and instructed me to do the download test with the starhub tool that I had used the other day. When I told him that the top speed is 7.57, he went to do some check and said that my connection is at the optimum speed. I told him the snail speed normally happened after 8.30pm. He told me to call them again if the speed is not ok.

After 10 minutes later, my connection slows down again. I went to do some reading about the problem and a blogger note that his McAfee’s firewall program is the one that affect the speed of his internet. I did disable my Windows Live OneCare’s firewall and enable my Windows Vista firewall.

But there is still problem, when I did a speed test, the upload test still failed to start and it still slow after 8.30pm!

Windows Vista May Slow the Internet

Starhub MaxOnline Express Lagging?

Since the 1st day of year 2008, my Starhub MaxOnline Express is becoming slower and slower. Starhub said that they had enhanced MaxOnline Express download speeds to 8Mbps; I do not feel any speed boost, but a noticed the surfing speed had decrease a lot.

This week, I’m getting the worst ever crawling speed till yesterday I can even surf the net. Today morning I steal/borrow my neighbour MaxOnline Premium broadband and found that my neighbour also had a bad connection. While connecting the Wi-Fi, I saw my next door neighbour is now using a Wi-Fi with their door unit numbers as their Wi-Fi name. I guess they are using Starhub MaxOnline too since my internet was so bad starting from yesterday.

I called the Starhub 1633 at 3 plus and told them to check what had happened to my connection. No updates from them until now. Thinking of downgrading to surf lite or terminating my internet soon.

Starhub download test tool here. Wondering where is the upload test tool?

Starhub status by forumers
A Guide to Residential Broadband in Singapore

Stupid Virus!

Just came back from my sister’s house. Her daughter’s Acer Notebook had been invaded by a stupid annoying virus. For 2 hours plus I tried to find out how to remove the virus using the notebook internet with a pop-up box came out and exit every few seconds.

When all helps from the internet failed, I simply go to the boot screen and press F8 to reload the 1st System Restore point and the virus gone forever! My last resort is to restore the whole operating system.

WinTV-HVR 900 Hybrid TV Stick

Other than the 2 A1Pro stuffs, I also bought the Hauppauge analogue + digital TV tunner. Got the cheapest price from one of the indian shop at Sim Lim Square at SGD145. Other shops selling around SGD147 to SGD149.


After installing the A1Pro stuffs, I unpack the WinTV-HVR 900 Hybrid TV Stick box.


Here is the included DVB-T antenna.


The fat USB TV tunner with the USB extension cable.


The connection of the WinTV-HVR-900


The remote control, batteries, user guides, pamplets and the installation CD-ROM.


Using the CD-ROM, I installed the driver and the software. Restart the notebook and run the WinTV200 exe file. It prompt for me to scan the channels. Using the Starhub tv cable outlet, I run the scanning. It scanned the analogue channels and found 8 channels. Then it scanned for digital channels, and found none. Suspecting that the cable TV does not have digital tv channels, I connect it to the provided DVB-T antenna and scanned it again. But there is no digital channel. Fed up with the software that keep on “Not Responding” and crashing.


Downloaded the latest version 3.3C driver and update the driver. Run the scanning again, and still no clue of what the problem is. Try reading the comments at the Hauppauge’s forum page and they too got the same problem. It was pass midnight and I give up.

The next morning, I tried again and found 3 digital channels, TV8, TV5 and CNA. The quality was bad and jerking and I feel like I’m in the bus watching TvMobile! Try connecting to the Starhub tv cable outlet again and no digital appear. Give up and watched a movie.

Around 4pm, I decided to scan for the air channels using my booster antenna. Got all the Malaysian and Indonesian channels. Suddenly I got an idea of trying using the booster antenna to scan the digital channels. Voila… 8 digital channels found and the quality was superb. 8 digital channels – 2 digital radio, 2 TvMobile, Ch5, Ch8, CNA and HD Mediacorp channel.


Comparing the PCI WinTV at my PC to this USB one, I found that the USB one took longer time to load. Haven’t tried the recording and schedule recording.

It worked with Vista Windows Media Center, but the remote control is useless when in WMC mode.

Wondering when Suria and the other channels will be in the digital format…. When that happened, I just need to connect the WinTV to my booster antenna and enjoyed all the channels without unplugging and plug in the Starhub tv cable.

Office 2003 Excel’s Analysis TookPak Problem

Quite some time I was try to find the Office 2003 CD to enable the Analysis TookPak at my office PC. At last I found a ‘pirated’ one, but… I got this error messages:



After some research on the internet, I managed to find the solution of the missing ANALYS32.XLL file.

I went to my other “OK” PC and copied the “Analysis” folder with all the contents and pasted it to the problem PC’s “C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE11Library” path.

Notes: You may need to restart your PC if there is still missing file problem. Do get ready with your Office 2003 CD.

Voila… Now I can use the Analysis TookPak!

Blue screen on auto Reboot

After installing Cryptainer LE and running the program, when i click on one of the buttons, it automatically reboot my computer and then a Blue screen appeared with some infomations about a “STOP” error that was caused by the “cdr4_2k.sys” file.

After doing some “SAFE” mode uninstalling/reinstalling the program, I still got the Blue sreen on my computer. Did some research on the internet, they recommended to delete or rename the “cdr4_2k.sys” file.

Restarting the computer…. Voila…It was back to normal!

Hahaha… not really.. now your CDDVD drive is missing…

Operasi Kekuda

24/10/2004 : 12 tengahari
PC yang sakit pun tiba di bawah blok rumahku. Berat jugak pc ni. Mana tak berat, ada DVD-Rom dan CD-RW.

Aku pun pasang wire2 yang patut dan ON pc HP tu. Lembab betul cam kekura nak start WinXP. Adalah dalam 5 minit ku tunggu.

Dah start, program mula2 ku cari ialah Zone Alarm. Ku check program2 yg access internet. cross64.exe, pksvc.exe, tvl.exe, Win-Host.exe dan xpndis.exe – program2 yg ku tak pernah dengar. Program apa ni?

Aku check alert pulak. Setiap 2 saat, program2 asing tu beraktif.

Ku clear cache. 45MB seh.

Ku hidupkan firewall pc ni.

Semua "routed". Lain macam je.

Aku check pulak Anti-virus dia. Dia dah delete virus2 ni.

Ah.. Kekuda. Apa pulak dia gi repair kekuda ni?

Aku scan pc ni dan dapat alert ni.

Aku install PC DoorGuard 3 dan jumpa "Backdoor.SdBot.gen" di Win-Host.exe. Nilah kekuda tu!

Dia suruh delete? Ok.

Hampeh.com… For registered user only!

Ni program lagi satu aku install. Tak nampak bayang satu virus pun.

Ni satu function dari PC DoorGuard 3. Ada spyware – "EliteToolbar".

Norton Anti-virus detect adware ni.

Tak gunanye Norton. Apsal tak leh delete?

silent56.exe – virus file.

Mana file ni? Cakap kat C drive?

Norton Summary.

Lagi satu program aku install. Pembunuh kekuda. Tak ada pun kekuda.

Apa2 jelah. Aku dah disable pun keluar warning ni.

Last the "Stinger". Segala virus keluar.

Semua keluar virus dah dihapuskan.

Aku rasa nak reinstall balik WinXP ni. Aku pun start install, 20 minit dah siap dan reboot. Rasa2 macam lama gitu dia nak load-up. Aku pun start ZoneAlarm dan Anti-virus. Hampeh.com lagi. Ada virus. Nilah apa yang budak tu cakap, dah install baru, masih ada virus. So, tak ada cara lain, aku pun mulalah cara terakhir aku.

Recovery CD takda. Kena burn 10 CD dari pc ni. Dalam 2 jam aku burn cd. Ketak-ketuk bunyi cdrom dia. Bisingnya bila dia open tray.

10 CD dah siap. Aku pun mulakan operasi fdisk untuk clear Master Boot Record untuk pastikan tiada kekuda yang bersembunyi disitu. Selepas tu ku start recovery session. Aku harap2 file2 recovery ni tiada yg dijankiti virus. Sejam ku tunggu. Semuanya berjalan dengan lancar, boot-up pun cepat. Aku install apa2 yg patut, then check ZoneAlarm, PC DoorGuard 3 dan Norton Anti-virus. Semuanya ok. Tak ada satu makluk asing di pc ni.

10.30 malam aku terima sms tanya aku dah ok ke tak. Kalau ok dia nak ambik. Leh budak ni, tak sabar2. Aku kata kul 11.15 baru boleh ambik. Tepat kul 11 malam dia dah ada kat bawah blok aku. Memang tak sabar betul budak ni…