Malaysian Giant Breast posed nude for S’pore magazine!

Christy Yow Wei Min, who played the Malaysian legendary striptease “Rose Chan” in “The Charming Ros” directed by Eric Khoo, posed nude on the cover magazine called F*** (Film, Fame & Frank).

The 23-year-old lass from Ipoh, Perak, came to Singapore to be interviewed as an air stewardess for Singapore Airlines but didn’t make it. Crocodile International’s former head of corporate communications, Terence Ang, see a great potential in her.

After graduating from Tunku Abdul Rahman College for her broadcasting diploma, she started modelling for Crocodile in Malaysia and Taiwan.

Her sold-out bikini cover girl of FHM Singapore magazine caught the attention of Singapore media. She was labelled ‘The Busty 36C Lady From Malaysia’ when the magazine was published.

Ris Low safe sex with bananas.

I was waiting for Nadia Fazlini Sharip’s news to cool down before I post this funny news. 2,458 views for Nadia post since February 6th 2010.

Ris Low who stepped down as Miss Singapore World 2009 is one funny and brave girl. No matter how much people criticized her, she keeps appearing in video clips. If you loves Phua Chu Kang, you surely loves Ris Low.

Ris Low was recently appointed as a condom ambassador, to raise awareness about safe sex.

Safe Sex With Ris Low video clip. Netizens slam the former beauty queen over online condom demo. Bloopers of her failing to slide the condoms successfully onto one of the bananas, and of her accidentally peeling off the banana skin while trying to remove the condom. Hello, come on lah, if you never try, you’ll never learn.

Nice one Ris Low. More videos please. 🙂

How To Know Whether A Man Is A Virgin

A very ‘straight and honest’ girl is going to Kuala Lumpur. Before she left, her mother gave her some advice.

Daughter, when you’re in KL and if you’re looking for a match there, you must take note of the following the requirements Mother set for you.

You must find a man that is ‘faithful’, not ‘spendthrift’ and must be a virgin’. With these advice from her mother, t he girl went to Town. After some months later, she came home to her kampung to get her mother’s blessings to marry.

“Mother, I’ve met my match following your instructions. My future husband is faithful because when we went out for a holiday one day, he took care of me specifically even though there were so many prettier girls around”. Isn’t that being faithful?”.

Her mother nodded in agreement.

“Then, since the day was getting late in the night and rain was pouring, my boyfriend decided that we stay the night at a hotel. He also suggested that! in order not to spend too much, we shared one room only”. “Isn’t he not spendthrift guy?”

For the second time her mother nodded her head in agreement, but with a little concern.

“And finally mum…, I know he is a virgin”.

“How did you know he is still a virgin?” The mother asked with repetition.

“MMM…his ‘that one’ is still New……wrapped up in plastic, mum!”