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Lagu Jiwa Lagu Cinta

Mawi kata :

Menyanyi Kerana Gembira
Menyanyi Kerana Sedih
Menyanyi Kerana Rindu

M.Nasir kata :

Menari Kerana Melayan
Menari Kerana Sunyi
Menari Kerana Kasih

Putera Emas kata :

Menulis Kerana Suka
Menulis Kerana Bosan
Menulis Kerana Sayang

By Hello Kitty


Waking up in the wee hours of the morning

Aren’t all of you supposed to be sleeping?

I don’t understand this insanity

After all, I’m only a Kitty

Trying your best to be first in line

Sleeping on the floor, no matter rain or shine

Where is your sense of responsibility?

After all, I’m only a Kitty

Queuing for hours, so tired and moody

I’ve seen some situations turn bad to ugly

Rushing and pushing with no mercy

After all, I’m only a Kitty

Quarrelling and fighting just for a toy?

Come on, you are adults, not a small boy!

Please be patient, don’t be greedy

After all, I’m only a Kitty

Buying food, then throw them away

What have you Singaporeans become today?

Don’t waste your time, effort and money

After all, I’m only a Kitty

I see old uncle and aunties queuing in the sun

Trying to buy me for their daughters and son

Is this how you treat the elderly?

After all, I’m only a Kitty

My stock will run out, and soon I’ll be gone

I will be forgotten when a new toy is born

Left alone, to be dusty and dirty

After all, I’m only a Kitty

What Time Is It? Tiger Time?

Haha…Nolah.. Is it Marriage Time? No idea.

APA SIAK? I don’t think it a good reason to get married if:
– You think you are getting old
– Your family members keep telling you to get married
– Peoples asked you when you getting married
– Your friends and relatives got married and have kids already

I think I will only get married when:
– I got a secure income
– I got someone who can endure my mother nagging
– I got someone who can take care of me and my parents
– I am ready

A marriage is not as simple as you think. It is like going to Mecca to perform the Hajj. Although I got the money to do the pilgrimage or to get married, there are things you need to prepare and plan.

Recap of 2005

What had i done in 2005?

– My first domain was created! X-Guy.Com
– Missed watching Singapore National team winning the Tiger Cup.

– Watching a Music Awards Presentation "Live" for the first time, the "Anugerah Planet Muzik".

– Went to the 1st Konsert Hanyut.

– Went to Suria Station for the first time watching Muzika Extravaganza show.
– Went to meet Siti Nurhaliza and the other artists at the airport for the first time. Took my 2nd picture with Siti Nurhaliza and the first picture with Dayang Nurfaizah.
– Busy with the "Smart Algo" project.
– Overtime over 100 hours!

– Rilex while my bosses taking a long holiday.

– Showing 3 fingers at the tail-gating driver. Then a chasing tragedy happened.
– My purple team championed the AVS Day 2005.

SimplySiti.Com was born.
– Went to Perak for the first time.
– Went to Siti Nurhaliza's solo concert in Singapore.
– Took the 3rd photo with Siti Nurhaliza. Maybe the last time for me.
– Met Siti Nurhaliza 3 time in 3 days.

– Adventured to Kuala Lumpur with my working friends.
– Watching National Day firework alone at Jurong East.

– Watched Siti Nurhaliza at the Johor Cultural Extravaganza.
– Watched C-Tea launcing in Singapore.
– Went to Changi Airport to meet Siti Nurhaliza, unfortunately she took the other entrance.

– Went Geylang Serai for the last time before they rebuild the place.

– Jalan Raya with NP guys.

– Went to the 2nd Konsert Hanyut at East Coast.
– Did not go to watch Siti Nurhaliza at the TAA Suria Show.
– No mood to meet Siti Nurhaliza at the airport.
– I missed to meet Siti Nurhaliza on all her show in Singapore!

Adrift Concert 2

Event: Konsert HANYUT 2
Date: 3rd December 2005 (Saturday)
Time: 17:00-21:00
Place: East Coast Park (Near Carpark C2)

Graffiti by SprayTwoGeorge

KawanLu buying Ramly Burgers & Hotdogs

The hosts : Yana & Suhaimi Yusof

Members of Hanyut 2

Kak Faridah with her fans

The new Singapore singer : Salmah Jailani, 25

Raya SMS

1st SMS by 0295 on 2-Nov-2005 11:33:24
"sir lump mud hurry rare year ideal fit tree moo lee half za hair bar ten.2 loose dairy hearty young eek class."sory i barroo bar lef dairy london..

2nd SMS by 9729 on 2-Nov-2005 12:23:33
+,' + ' hello ! '+'+,
+(") '0', )( '0',(")-
hari raye
Maaf Zahir Batin

3rd SMS by 4372 on 2-Nov-2005 12:36:40
Salam Lebaran.DARI TANGAN KE HATI.Moga ramadhan membawa keberkatan dihiasi dgn Aidilfitri yg indah tanda kemenangan.Dgn tulus ikhlas maaf zahir batin -rafreen-

Thank You Internet!

I had been putting this message at my msn messenger and friends had asked me why I do it. It is just my appreciation to the internet world. It had been my best friend for more than 8 years now.What will I be if there is no internet?
1. Maybe I had a PHD with a good career.
2. Maybe I got my own business.
3. Maybe I’m married with few kids.

Lately, the internet had been a boring place for me. It become more boring when it had slow connection speed both at home and at the office. The IT guys at work had been filtering all the not needed sites. Maybe next few weeks, will be filtered too.

1. Thank You Internet for giving me more friends.
2. Thank You Internet for giving me more knowledge.
3. Thank You Internet for letting me having my own domains.
4. Thank You Internet for letting me chat at Yahoo & MSN messengers.
5. Thank You Internet for letting me downloading the videos, music and pictures.
6. Thank You Internet for letting me surf Siti Nurhaliza Official Website where I get to know the real Siti Nurhaliza.
7. Thank You Internet for letting me surf CCS where i get to know Siti Nurhaliza's fabulous fans.
8. Thank You Internet for letting me surf SVOA where i get to know more Siti Nurhaliza's lovely fans.
9. Thank You Internet for letting me blog at X-GuY.CoM where people will know me better.Sometime you had to decide which path you need to take. The future depends on you. But it is ALLAH's decision about your future. Maybe I took a wrong path. There is no turning back now as the time is running fast. Just need to carry on with a hope (not high hope) of going to the right direction.

Thank You Internet! Thank You All!


Date: 8th August 2005
Time: 10.00am – 10.00pm
Place: Sunway Lagoon, Sungei Wang, Lok Yatt Plaza & KL Sentral
Transports To: KTM Komuter & Feeder bus (70cents)
Transports Back: Taxis (RM14) & KL Monorail


Imraneo & Amin Posing Again


The Lagoon


The Sunway's Bridge

Time: 10.00pm – 7.00am
Place: Singapore
Transport: KTM Senanding Malam


Sleeping Time…