SHINee Concert SHINee World II in Singapore

With the promise of an action-packed concert with special effects and diverse music genres and styles superceding its previous concert tour; fans who have been anticipating the SHINee World II Singapore concert will be able to see their favourite K-pop group 8 Dec 2012 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for a one-night only concert.

With a performance holding a production price-tag of more than S$1.8 million, SHINee World II Singapore will be accompanied by special effects such as pyrotechnics, water features and aerial stunts in a multi-sensory performance that borders between an unbelievable eye spectacle and a R&B/Rock concert that defies extremes. SHINee World II Singapore will also see the biggest mosh pit to be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium with over 1,200 square metres of free-standing space.

SHINee, consisting of members Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin, are known for their smooth R&B tunes, sleek dance moves and iconic fashion style featuring high-top sneakers, skinny jeans and colourful sweaters dubbed the “Shinee Trend”. SHINee staged their first world tour “SHINee World” in Singapore on 10 September 2011, which saw tickets selling out in 45 minutes.

With a group that has visibly matured to ‘senior’ since their debut in 2008, “Shawols” or SHINee fanscan look forward to a diverse range of musical genresin SHINee World II Singapore; with music ranging from heavy rock music and bold dance moves, to softer cheerier R&B styles reminiscent of their earlier years.

SHINee World II began in Seoul on 21 Jul 2012 to a sold-out 20,000 crowd; and will travel to countries throughout Asia including Taipei, Hong Kong and Singapore. SHINee World II Singapore will be held 8 Dec 2012 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

8 Dec 2012
Sat, 6pm

Approx 3 hours


Singapore Indoor Stadium

Standard – S$238, S$178
Restricted View – S$178

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