Jacky Cheung 1/2 Century Tour – Malaysia

Last December, Jacky Cheung wowed crowds at the Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, with his heavenly
voice. Not only did he set the record for having the most number of concerts in Malaysia, he was also the
first Mandopop singer to stage four consecutive nights of performances to sold-out crowds. In less than six
months, Jacky Cheung returns with a more spectacular stage setup and fascinating performance!
For this series of concert, Jacky Cheung engaged the help of renowned stage designer, Zhou Bing Kun,
who was also responsible for the Beijing Olympics 2008. Zhou’s groundbreaking design goes beyond the
restrictions of traditional stage through the forwards, backwards, and a 360-degree motion of the LED
screen cum stage. Besides projecting visuals, it can be divided, extended, raised, rotated and also able to
withstand the weight of performers when they perform on it.
To bring a tinge of romance to the audience, Zhou uses special transparent materials to construct the stage,
which reflect the lights shining on it. This gives the stage a surreal and ethereal feel.
For the fans who cannot get enough of the “God of Songs”, do not miss this chance to watch him live on
12 May through this deluxe version of his previous concert!
“Jacky Cheung ½ Century Tour – Malaysia” is brought to you by UnUsUaL Productions.

去年12月,“歌神”张学友在武吉加里尔布特拉室内体育馆开唱,票房成绩斐然,演出加场再加场!他不但创下大马有史以来场次最多的演唱会,而且成为在当地首位一连开 4晚演唱会的华人歌手。相隔不到半年,他将带着更炫的舞台,更震撼的舞台道具及更精彩的表演于默迪卡体育馆和大马歌迷见面。




『张学友1/2世纪演唱会 – 马来西亚

12 May 2012
Sat, 8pm

Approx 2 hrs

Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

Cat 1 – S$287 (VVIP)
Cat 2 – S$203 (VIP)
Cat 3 – S$162 (PS1)
Cat 4 – S$137 (PS2)
Cat 5 – S$124 (PS3)
Cat 6 – S$124 (PS3 Free Seating)
Cat 7 – S$70 (PS4 Free Seating)
Cat 8 – S$53 (PS5 Free Seating)


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