Sandy Lam MMXII Concert – Singapore 《林忆莲MMXII演唱会 – 新加坡》

2011年9月在香港红磡体育馆举行的 “林忆莲演唱会MMXI”,一连三场爆满,空前成功。

这次的MMXII 演唱会,每一个细节,由舞台设计、音乐及舞蹈编排,甚至海报设计,Sandy都亲历亲为,参与构思与制作。而在音乐编排上,Sandy每次都要求创新突破。这次的演唱会也不例外。她把部份经典歌曲重新编排,由音乐总监伦永亮领军,加入Folk Rock、拉丁及英式电子的音乐原素。


“林忆莲MMXII演唱会 – 新加坡站” 是由Giant荣誉呈献,AMC Group China 与 UnUsUaL Entertainment 联合带给您!

Sandy Lam recently concluded her ‘Sandy Lam Concert MMXI’ in September 2011 at the Hong Kong Coliseum with 3 consecutive nights of full house performances. From the music arrangement to stage configuration, dance choreographs to the design of the concert poster, the affable songbird was involved in every process. Together with renowned Music Director, Mr Anthony Lun, she explored innovative breakthroughs by injecting new elements such as Folk Rock, Latin and Techno styles into her music.

Besides an audio feast of her classic love ballads, fans would be further impressed by her fast numbers coupled with energetic dance moves that integrate jazz, hip-hop and locking styles.

Groove to her high-energy dance tracks and breath-taking stage performance this April at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Catch the popular Hong Kong pop diva in action as she delivers an exciting repertoire of her all-time hits for you.

“Sandy Lam MMXII Concert – Singapore” is proudly presented by Giant, brought to you by AMC Group China and UnUsUaL Entertainment.

Visa Credit & Debit Card Priority Booking, 12 – 18 Jan 2012
Internet Sales Channel – 12 Jan 2012, 9am.
Other Sales Channel – 12 Jan 2012, 10am.

Public sales, 19 Jan 2012 onwards
Internet Sales Channel – 19 Jan 2012, 12am.
Other Sales Channel – 19 Jan 2012, 10am.

6 Apr 2012
Fri, 8pm

Approx 2 hrs

Singapore Indoor Stadium

Standard – S$168, S$138, S$118, S$88

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