Review: The Cranberries LIVE in Singapore

Note: Too busy to write a review for this concert, I just copied this review from CNA here. As a rock music lover, I do not agreed that the sound are loud. Saw a few guys/girls were putting their fingers in their ears.

The Cranberries in SG: A little too loud, a little too dazzling but still all good
By Han Wei Chou | Posted: 02 August 2011 2107 hrs

The Cranberries vocalist Dolores O’Riordan’s enthusiasm was infectious.

SINGAPORE: Seven thousand people turned up to catch Irish band The Cranberries in concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Monday night.

And many of them must’ve gone home with sore legs.

From the moment The Cranberries took to the stage, many of the concert goers got on their feet to sing along and they didn’t sit down at all throughout the concert.

“It’s great to be back in Singapore. The years just flew by. It’s been too long,” said The Cranberries vocalist Dolores O’Riordan as she pranced onto the stage in an all-black ensemble.

The Cranberries kicked off the evening with the rousing song “Analyse”, with the crowd dutifully swaying to the music.

But it was only when the band began to play the intro for their hit song “Linger” did the audience start to go wild.

The Singapore Indoor Stadium came alive as O’Riordan incited the crowds, pumping her fist energetically into the air.

“Come on. Get your hands up and sway!” the singer said.

Her words were barely heard, drowned out by the excited screams of the audience.

O’Riordan scarcely needed to sing, with the crowd obliging her every time she pointed the microphone towards the crowd and asked them to sing along.

Still, she showed off her impressive vocals and soon whipped the audience into another frenzy with “Ode To My Family”.

The venue looked like a sea of waving arms when most of audience members stood up and swayed to the soulful song.

But for all the musical brilliance the band displayed, it was let down by the sub-par sound system at the Singapore Indoor Stadium during their performance.

O’Riordan’s voice was often drowned out by the sound from her band mates’ instruments that appeared to have had their output levels set way too loud, leaving audience members not only unable to hear O’Riordan but even hard of hearing after a few especially loud segments of the concert.

The Cranberries also went a little overboard with their use of strobe spotlights.

The concert should probably have come with a warning that it may cause epilepsy.

It was painful to look at the stage at some points of the concert, such as when the band performed “Salvation”, because of the numerous flashing strobe lights that framed the stage.

However, the band’s fans overlooked these problems and continued to respond enthusiastically when The Cranberries played their signature tune “Zombie”.

This time, the crowd’s screams overwhelmed even the overly-loud guitar and drums.

Just when the stage lights went out and it looked as though “Zombie” was the last song of the night, O’Riordan returned dressed in a purple gown and proceeded to perform a few mellower pieces like “Empty” and “Dying In The Sun”.

But it was the Irish quartet’s anthemic “Dreams” which brought the night to a close. Some lucky members of the audience were delirious with joy when O’Riordan descended from the stage to shake their hands midway through the song.

The singer then bounced back on stage and took a bow, signaling an end to an excellent evening of music.

“We’re always going to come back here because you guys are amazing!” said O’Riordan, giving the audience one last wave before leaving the stage.


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