Maher Zain ”Live” Concert in Singapore

Born on 16 March 1981, Maher Zain is a Swedish R&B singer, songwriter and music producer of Lebanese origin. His family moved to Sweden when Maher was only eight,where he continued his schooling. He also resided for a while in the United States.

After being involved for a while in the music scene as a music producer, Maher was introduced to RedOne, a Swedish music producer of Moroccan origin in Sweden. Maher started working with RedOne on some of the latter’s projects. Later, he moved to New York where he took part in producing Kat Deluna on her debut album including hits “Whine Up” and “Run The Show”. Then he returned for a while to Sweden where he had his spiritual ‘awakening’.

His debut album Thank You Allah,with 13 songs and two bonus tracks was released on 1 November 2009, with an exclusive Percussion Version and a French Version released shortly afterwards. He sings mainly in English, but also, amongst others, in French, Arabic, Urdu, Turkish and Malay.

In January 2009, Maher Zain signed up and began working on an album with Awakening Records. Maher’s debut album Thank You Allah reached the number 1 spot on Amazon.Com World Music charts and number 9 on the R&B charts.

In January 2010, Maher Zain won the best song for 2009 for ‘Ya Nabi Salam Alayka’, on Nujoom FM, the Middle East’s biggest mainstream music station. He beat other top of the charts singers including but not limited to Hussein Al-Jismi, Mohammed Mounir and Sami Yusuf

Maher Zain announced that he had released a Malay version for “Insha Allah”, having released French and Arabic version along with videos already, while adding that it would be a track on his second album.

18 Jun 2011
Sat, 8.00pm

Approx 4 Hrs

Singapore Expo Hall 3

Standard – S$128, S$98, S$68

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