VMware Workstation: Operation on file .vmdk failed

I got an error “Operation on file .vmdk failed.” when i tried to boot up my virtual WinXP machine in VMware Workstation.

Here the things I tried:

a) Repaired the vmdk file –> Basic VMDK-repair know-how

b) Converted to .vhd file –> VMDK(VMWare) to VHD Converter

c) Opened the .vhd file –> Windows Virtual PC

d) Converted the .vhd file back to .vmdk file –> How to convert VHD to VMDK partition types (Convert format to VMDK)

After days of finding the solution. I figured out the simple answer is using Winimage 8.50 and open the .vmdk file to recover all your precious data.


  1. tholi

    Dear Sir,

    Same problem a facing thnk u so much displayed the image but am not able to resolve this if dont mind could u provide the step wise practically how to do plz tholi.sandhya@gmail.com.


    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Sandhya,

      1. Download and Install WinImage 8.50/8.10/8.0 from the link above.
      2. Run the program and via the “File” menu, open the vmdk file.
      3. From the program’s window, go to the virtual machine data’s folder that you want to extract.
      4. Copy the data to your hdd.

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  3. Munah

    You can actually use the VMware Converter Starter Edition, alaviable as a free download, lets you migrate existing Windows machines into virtual machines for your Mac. It’s very easy to use tool and the conversion is fast. See the demonstration video of using the VMware Converter.

  4. Anas

    is there a way to fix the VM using this method. files to deleted or alter, etc.

    i can access the image now, but what i really need is getting the VM to run again.


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