Review: Big Night Out 2011

Big Night Out 2011 concerts were not BIG after all. The organizer should had just put everyone in the Pen area to make it an eventful nights. There were so many empty seats and they decided shrinking the Pen A & B into a single Pen just a week before the concert. Saxon was not able to perform.

Some fans were not happy when their seats got reassigned. They had reserved the first row seats but had to settle on the reassigned seats that were a few rows back. Pen A tickets holders started selling their tickets as they were aware that there were much more cheaper tickets on sale.

I reached the Singapore Indoor Stadium at 7.35pm. The atmosphere was not so great, not like the Iron Maiden one. No queuing problem this time.

At around 8.20pm, Sugar Sammy came on stage and shared his jokes. Then I Am Giant made their appearance at 8.40pm. Not bad from the London band.

I Am Giant – Living the Crash

I Am Giant ended their performance at around 9.30pm and we waited for the main band Stone Temple Pilots to take on the stage. It was 10.30pm and there was not a single Stone Temple Pilots guys seen. The crowd got rowdy and shouted vulgar words to the organizer. Not sure what was their problems. Hmmm.. Maybe they had problem settling up the agreed payments?

At 10.50pm, Sugar Sammy was pushed to the stage to control the crowd, but instead he got booed and someone thrown something on his face. As the crowd got nasty, Stone Temple Pilots had no choice but to entertain their fans (?) or the organizer had paid the agreed payments (?).


Great lightning and performance by Stone Temple Pilots. I was not happy with the guys who reserved the front seats. They were standing/dancing all the time and made me wanted to give Cantona’s kicks to them and see them tumbling down to the Pen’s area. Haha. If you want to dance, buy the standing tickets you cheapskate White people!

Dead & Bloated

Between The Lines

Interstate Love Song

Stone Temple Pilots ended their performance just before midnight. Where the promised 90 minutes oh LAMC Productions?

Day 2, the concert started on time with Deja Voodoo Spells from Malaysia performing at 7.15pm. Great showmanship from this 3-piece band. Worth watching them.

Deja Voodoo Spells – Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody

Sugar Sammy take over the stage and repeated the same old shit. I was feeling very bored and post a comment on LAMC’s fb wall. Was he being paid to tell the same jokes for the 2 consecutive nights? I just saw his show on youtube and damn he was repeating exactly the same sentences!

Then came Twenty Two Hundred from Melbourne, Australia. A so-so performance by them. They ended their last song at 9pm.

Twenty Two Hundred – Sweet Dirty

At about 9.30pm, the one and only Slash and Myles Kennedy and the band take the centre stage. I was busy taking a close up photos of Slash and noticed that the sound system from the right speakers were no so good and I decided to move towards the center. Some fans were complaining about the sound system on the first day. I did not believe them as I was at Cat 3 area which was facing the stage.

Civil War

It was much better there as the bass and drum speakers were at the center of the stage. I had the chance hopping, rocking and singing along with the other fans there too. It feels like I was at a Guns ‘N’ Roses concert!

Sweet Child O Mine


Awesome performance by them! Slash’s sweat was dripping all over the stage. Too hot eh Slash? I will probably watch them again if they come again. Slash was telling us that they should come here 3-4 times a year. Yeah!

Mean Bone

Back from Cali

Paradise City

They ended the show at 11.30pm with Paradise City. My 3rd rock concert of the year had just ended. What’s next? Metallica maybe?

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