Review: Iron Maiden Live In Singapore

Singapore Indoor Stadium’s all-times attendance record for the venue was finally broken when 15,000 Iron Maiden’s fans came to watch the English heavy metal band from Leyton in east London, Iron Maiden, played in Singapore for the first time in history.

The Final Frontier World Tour is in conjunction with the band’s fifteenth studio album, The Final Frontier, that was released on August 16, 2010 worldwide.

I bought a Pen A ticket (S$178 + S$3) online on November 10, 2010. Not very sure that I can last standing for 3 hrs without sitting. Almost sold my ticket away to another fan but the deal was off when they were not prepared to pay the money first.

There were crowd control management, queue systems and ushering problems when I reached at the Singapore Indoor Stadium (7pm). Fans who came around four to five were not allowed in the stadium when it started to rain heavily. Everyone got drenched and pissed and broke through the barricade.

I was quite surprised that Pen A queue was from one end to the other end of the stadium entrances, while at Pen B, fans do not really need to queue.

These tells me that they were selling more Pen A tickets than Pen B tickets, not proportional to the original seat plan that Pen B should start from T12/T37 towards the end, but the Pen was moved to T11/T38. Why having Pen A & B when you have the power to make it one single Pen? For what I know, having two equal Pens is for crowd control purposes.

I decided to join the queue after 7.30pm. By the time I was in Pen A, Rise To Remain, a 5-piece London based metal-core band, lead by Austin Dickinson, son of Bruce Dickinson, had already started performing.

The crews took about 20 mins to setup the equipments for Iron Maiden to begin their show. While waiting we did the Kallang Waves. At almost 9pm, Bruce Dickinson, 3 Amigos (Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Janick Gers), Steve Harris and Nicko McBrain finally emerged on the centre stage and performed their first song ‘Satellite 15… The Final Frontier’ from their ‘Final Frontier’ album.

Bruce Dickinson remarked that an Englishman he met had warned him about Singapore’s lifeless concert crowds. From my previous experiences watching concerts at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, I’m quite agreed with the Englishman. But this concert was different, I was surprised that most of the 15,000 fans were standing, clapping, swaying, singing and hopping like a rabbit! He also said that this will not be the first and the last concert for them.

Overall the concert was AWESOME! Bruce Dickinson was all over the stage, climbing up and down the higher stage. Their energetic performance and stamina shows that Rock will never dies. My SGD181 was well spend and paid the price for standing too long. I had problem walking properly in the middle of the night to go peeing. I won’t mind paying more if they come here again. The stage, the lighting and the sound system were all perfect. I loved the album covers backdrop that changes when the band was performing songs from the albums.

Some fans were moshing in Pen A. I think Moshing and Circle Pit are only suitable for hardcore/punk shows but not rock/metal shows. As we were try and make some space for the circle pit, those behind me were pushing forward. All sorts of trouble might happen if people do not cooperate. For those youngsters, please don’t do it again.

Enjoys the videos below.

Doctor Doctor (UFO song)

Satellite 15… The Final Frontier

El Dorado

2 Minutes to Midnight

Coming Home

Dance of Death

The Trooper

Blood Brothers

The Wicker Man

When the Wild Wind Blows

The Talisman

The Evil That Men Do

Fear of the Dark

Iron Maiden

Eddie, the heavy metal’s all time favourite mascot appeared.

Iron Maiden did an encore at around 10.30pm.

The Number of the Beast

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Running Free

The show end just before 11pm. Just nice for the fans to take the public transports and have a good rest before start working on the following day.

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