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Gosip Artis: Sarah Aqilah Janda?

Dah lama tak blog pasal artis, semangat memblogging dah lama hilang. Bila nak start balik, tak tahu camne nak mulakan. So nari kita blog sikit-sikit je dulu.

Tadi bila men-analasi keyword-keyword yang pengunjung cari, terkeluar kata-kunci “sarah aqilah janda”. Betul ke Sarah Aqilah janda? Hahaha… Biarlah Rahsia.

Satu lagi kata-kunci yang keluar ialah “Jeffri Iman”. Popular sungguh orang S’pore ni. Jeffri Iman akan berkahwin dengan Noraniza Idris bulan Jun ini.

Liyana Jasmay dan Syamsul Yusof bercinta? Itu watak Aishah dan Johan yang dilakonkan mereka dalam filem Khurafat. Betul-betul CinLok belum tahu lagi.

Nama Ana Raffali menjadi lebih HOT selepas memenangi AJL25 dengan lagu gubahannya “Tolong Ingatkan Aku” yang dipersembahankan didalam kandang!

Gambar Nabil Raja Lawak yang sedang bercium dengan kekasih barunya Qasha super-impose? Lu Pikirlah Sendiri! Haha.

Nora Danish masih janda HOT! Nora bercuti ke Jepun bersama bekas suaminya Jejai membuat Fasha Sandha merajuk berbikini ke Bali.

Tun Mahathir 2 The Musical

The record breaking Tun Mahathir the Musical will be restaged due to overwhelming responses. Produced by CTRA Production and directed by Rosminah Mohd Tahir, the play will be performed by Esma Daniel, AC Mizal, Misha Omar, Azean Irdawaty, Dato’ Jalaluddin Hassan, Shafieq Shazwan, Diana Johor etc. The objective of this theatre is to portray a different side of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad & he journey which made Mahathir the man he is today & the Father of Modernization of Malaysia. The play begins with his birth & childhood, followed by the love story between him his wife, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah. His struggles in the political world & achievements are also being highlighted in this 2 hours 30 min musical.

Panggung Sari, Istana Budaya. 21 – 31 Jan 2011.

AKON Live in Singapore (Cancelled)

With worldwide sales of over seven million albums and certified gold & platinum status in over 23 countries, Grammy-nominated AKON is one of the most recognizable voices in music today. AKON boasts two multi-platinum albums and 21 Billboard Hot 100 songs, and is best known as the first artiste to hold both the one and two spots simultaneously on the Billboard charts twice. Instrumental in discovering Lady Gaga. The Senegalese-American singe has had over 145 guest appearances featuring artistes such as Michael Jackson and Gwen Stefani.

AKON released his new album Freedom in 2 December 2008, which spawned 4four monster singles: “Right Now (Na Na Na)”, “I’m So Paid” (featuring Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy), “Beautiful” (featuring Kardinal Offishall and Colby O’Donis) and “We Don’t Care”.

A singer-songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur, he has had six Grammy Awards nominations and has produced many hits for artists such as Lady Gaga, Colby O’Donis and Leona Lewis. Lady Gaga and T-Pain are two artists who were given their chance at fame by AKON.

AKON is now working on his fourth studio album, Stadium Music, of which some tracks are produced by David Guetta. The album’s lead single, “Angel”, will be released to US radio stations on September 14, 2010.

AKON has established the Konfidence Foundation. This is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the conditions in Africa and empowering individuals with the tools needed to build the Africa of tomorrow.

8 Jan 2011
Sat, 8pm

Approx 2 hrs

Singapore Indoor Stadium

Standard (Free Standing) – S$148
Standard (Reserved Seating) – S$158, S$128, S$108, S$88