Amitabh Bachchan suffering from cirrhosis of the liver.

Amitabh Harivansh Bachchan who first gained popularity in the early 1970s as the “angry young man” of Bollywood cinema, wrote on his blog that he’s suffering from cirrhosis of the liver after contracting hepatitis from a blood transfusion. A condition that is normally associated with that of an alcoholic.

Amitabh Bachchan, 67, born on 11 October 1942 says the condition was caused through a blood transfusion following a near-fatal accident while shooting a film in 1982. He ruptured his spleen while shooting a fight scene for the film Coolie.

He also wrote that 25 per cent of his liver had been destroyed after receiving tainted blood and may have to go under the knife soon. Cirrhosis impairs the liver’s ability to control infections and process nutrients, hormones and drugs.

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