Jack Neo and the Bini-Stocks (Mistresses)

Singapore’s most successful film-makers, Jack Neo Chee-Keong, 50, best known as Liang Po-Po, confessed to a two-year affair with a freelance model, Wendy Chong. Wendy Chong, 22, Miss Earth finalist in 2008, acted in Neo’s Money No Enough 2 film. She revealed that they had sex in his car a month after they met.

Their affair was exposed when Wendy shown up at Neo’s Pasir Ris semi-detached home and demanded to see his wife.

10 more women are reported to have been linked to Neo.

French student, Maelle Meurzec, 21, who acted in Neo’s I Do I Do film, had claimed that film-maker Jack Neo hit on her when she was only 16.

Foyce Le Xuan (Lim Hui Hui), 25, said that she did not know how to react to advances from film-maker Jack Neo as a young girl of 20. Only later that she admitted to herself that his actions were tantamount to sexual harassment.

Foyce had made a two-part police report against film-maker Jack Neo for his text messages and the other over telephone threats. A man had called her handphone last Tuesday warning her to ‘shut up’ or ‘you will get it from me’, and another phone call from a male voice threatening to ‘disfigure her’ if she steps out of her house.

Neo, a Cultural Medallion winner, has been married for 27 years and has four children with Madam Irene Kng, 46. Neo became the first filmmaker in Singapore to be honoured with the Public Service Award (PBM – Pingat Bakti Masyarakat).

Jack Neo is also now known as Singapore’s Tiger Woods.

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