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Lovehunters 2011

Rock in the New Year with local 90s Malay rock veterans Lovehunters. Band members Moliano, Yazid and Saha had been voted best guitarist, best bassist and best drummer respectively, back in the day for of Music Quest 1992 (The International Pop & Rock showcase). Runners up in Battle of the Bands 1987, the trio had won the hearts of many a teenage girl with their love ballads, both in the Malay and English. They have recorded nine albums, toured regionally during the 90s and became known by radio presenters as the “Most heavy 3 piece band in Singapore”.

After more than 10 years apart, the original Lovehunters line-up of Yazid, Moliano and Sahar return to their loyal fans with special guest appearances by musicians of the same era like local rock icon Ramli Sarip.

This combination promises audiences a truly rocking experience. Make it your big day out!

Catch Lovehunters at the autograph signing session after the concert!

DATE 1 JAN 2011, SAT
TIME 8pm
(2hrs, no intermission)
VENUE Concert Hall
PRICE $30, $50, $70
Concessions: for Students: $15 NSF/senior citizens: $25 *For Cat 3 tickets only

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