Not Too Long, Just 6 Inches Only!

One day, an Ang Moh from USA arrived at KLIA Airport. After he checked out from the customs, he felt he needed to go to the toilet, so he looked for one.

When he found the toilet, there was a lady sitting at the entrance. When he was about to enter the toilet, the lady stopped him and asked for forty cents in Cantonese (‘sey kok’).

The Mat Salleh wondered why in MALAYSIA they have to ‘see the cock’ before entering the toilet?
So he said ‘no’ but the lady insisted. Since he had no choice, he took out his cock and showed it to her.

The lady said ‘No! No! Duit, Duit!’ (money in Malay), but the Ang Moh misunderstood again and thought that she said ‘Do it! Do it!’ So he asked, ‘Now? Here?’

The lady replied ‘Yes, yes!’ because she doesn’t quite understand English. The Ang Moh thought that she wanted to have sex with him, so he stripped the lady and made love to her.

The lady started screaming and shouted, ‘SAKIT! SAKIT!’ (pain in Malay), and the Ang Moh thought it was ‘SUCK IT! SUCK IT!’

He said ‘OK! I will suck it for you’ and took both breasts and suck them. The lady again screamed ‘Oh, TUHAN!’ (Oh, MY GOD….in Malay).

The Ang Moh misunderstood again. ‘Too HARD? OK, sweetheart, I’l l be gentler a bit,’ the Ang Moh replied.

Suddenly, a security guard walked by, so the lady shouted for help, ‘TOLONG! TOLONG, ENCIK!’ The Ang Moh replied, ‘Not too long, just 6 inches only.’

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