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7 habits for successful people


7 habits for successful people

“Steven Covey is definitely hokkien”


Habit No 1

Be Pro-Active :

Ka Kin Chiew (fast leg, fast hand)


Habit No 2

Begin with the End In mind :

Tow Wu Buay (have head, have tail)


Habit No 3

First Thing First :

Hung Chik Hung Lai ,

Ban Lai (One thing at a time, slow and steady) or

Tow Seng (do first)


Habit No 4

Think Win-Win :

Chong Ai Yarh (everything want to win)


Habit No 5

Seek To Understand Rather Than To Be Understood :

Lang Ai Eh Beng Pek (you must be understanding)


Habit No 6

Synergize :

Kay Ai Hup Chop (all must co-operate)


Habit No 7

Sharpen the Saw :

Bua Lai Lai




Boss First

A customer service rep, a sales rep and a vice president of a business software firm in a large city are walking through a park on their way to lunch when they find an antique oil lamp. They rub it and a Genie comes out in a puff of smoke.

The Genie says, “I usually only grant three wishes, so I’ll give each of you just one.”

“Me first! Me first!” says the customer service rep. “I want to be in the Bahamas, driving a speedboat, without a care in the world.”

Poof! She’s gone.

In astonishment, “Me next! Me next!” says the sales rep. “I want to be in Hawaii, relaxing on the beach with my personal masseuse, an endless supply of pina coladas and the love of my life.” Poof! He’s gone.

“You’re next,” the Genie says to the vice president. The vice president says, “I want those two back in the office after lunch.”

Moral of story: Always Let your Boss have the first say.

Boss First

A customer service rep, a sales rep and a vice president of a business software firm in a large city are walking through a park on their way to lunch when they find an antique oil lamp. They rub it and a Genie comes out in a puff of smoke.

The Genie says, “I usually only grant three wishes, so I’ll give each of you just one.”

“Me first! Me first!” says the customer service rep. “I want to be in the Bahamas, driving a speedboat, without a care in the world.”

Poof! She’s gone.

In astonishment, “Me next! Me next!” says the sales rep. “I want to be in Hawaii, relaxing on the beach with my personal masseuse, an endless supply of pina coladas and the love of my life.” Poof! He’s gone.

“You’re next,” the Genie says to the vice president. The vice president says, “I want those two back in the office after lunch.”

Moral of story: Always Let your Boss have the first say.

Best Possible Video Connection

Found this infomation from website.

There are three types of video connections that offer different levels of video quality:

Component Video (Best Quality)

Component video provides the best color separation, using the full bandwidth of black and white to produce the sharpest image. Red, green and blue signals are divided between the Pb and Pr cables, and the black and white signal is passed through the Y cable. The jacks on your TV set may be color-coded as (Pb) blue, (Pr) red, and (Y) green. Alternately, the TV jacks may be labeled Cb, Cr and Y.

S-Video (Better Quality)

S-Video is short for Super-Video. It is an available connection on most DVD players. S-Video is a high-quality method of transmitting video signals over cable to a television. S-Video separates information into two signals: Chrominance (color) and Luminance (brightness). This prevents color bleeding and the moving line of dots between colors, a phenomenon described as ‘Dot Crawl’, and increases clarity and sharpness. Once the information is finally delivered to the TV, it is done so as a single signal over one wire.

Composite Video (Good Quality)

The yellow composite video connector is typically part of a three-cable bundle that includes the red and white audio connectors. Older TV sets may only have this video connection available.

A composite video input combines the black and white component (Y) and the color difference component (C) into one signal. With these components combined into a composite signal, they cannot be separated once the TV set receives the signal. Thus, color separation is not sharply defined, and the edges of color images may exhibit ‘Dot Crawl’.


Scan the entire test first.

Do those problems which appear easy first. Go back to the harder ones later. Problems which at first appear difficult may seem easier on the second reading.

Never leave a multiple-choice question blank unless you will be penalized for wrong answers. Try to use process of elimination to narrow down your choices.

Do not be intimidated by classmates who leave the test session early.

Check your work if you have time. The easier problems especially should be checked for computational errors, miscopied numbers, or any type of mechanical mistake.

Learn from your mistakes! Do not throw out returned exams, but correct every error, then keep the test to prepare for the Final Exam.


Take notes in outline form, not in paragraph form. Use some type of notebook to keep notes together and in order.

Write problems along with the solutions.

Do not copy every example done in class. Sit back and focus on the process.

Record page numbers and problem numbers of examples done from the textbook to help you coordinate your notes with the textbook.

Leave space for future comments or corrections. If is useful to write only on the left side of the notebook page, and leave the right side for future comments, correction or explanations.

Rewrite your notes to help you review and organize the information.

Use an index card to record formulas and procedures that should be memorized. Review these often.

Review your notes often.

Telephone Wiring

Maintained by: Jonathan Johnson
Archived at:
Edition: 1.1 (16 May 1998)


Section 0: Definitions

0.00: What is the purpose of this FAQ?
0.01: What is a telephone?
0.02: What is pulse/tone?
Section 1: Equipment
1.01: What jack types are available?
1.02: What is meant by RJ11/RJ14/RJ45 in jack types?
Section 2: Wires and color codes
2.01: What is the proper type of wire to use?
2.02: What does twisting have to do with anything?
2.03: What are the color codes for line 1/2/3/4/etc.?
2.04: What special considerations should I have for modem use?
Section 3: Voltages
3.01: What is ring/tip/sleeve?
3.02: What voltages are expected on the line
Section 4: Theory and Operation
4.01: How does a telephone dial?
4.02: Who invented the pulse-dial system?
4.03: My stereo has 3,658.9 wires. How does the telephone get by withonly two?
4.04: Why do telephones sound so cruddy (no bass/no highs)?
Section 5: Cordless telephones
5.01: Why is this section here?
Section 6: Further Information
6.01: Where can I get more information?
Section 7: Maintaining this FAQ
7.01: You really screwed up. How do I flame you?



0.00: What is the purpose of this FAQ?
A: To educate and inform. This FAQ deals with standard analog telephonewiring only. It does not pretend to deal with any other telephone system,such as ISDN. Entertainment included at no extra charge to you (unlessyou’re on CompuSteal, America OnLose, or Progeny and are paying mucho-bucksper hour and I am wasting your time).

0.01: What is a telephone?
A: A telephone is a device which allows people to communicate by voiceover great distances at relatively inexpensive cost (compared to a planeticket). If Alexander Graham Bell had invented it today, it would be calleda “Vocal communications network access terminal (VC-NAT).”

0.02: What is pulse/tone?
A: “Pulse” and “tone” are two very different dialing protocols. Mosttelephone networks are capable of handling either protocol; use tone ifpossible. For a more detailed explanation, see section 4.01, “How doesa telephone dial?”


SECTION 1: Equipment
1.01: What jack types are available?
A: There are several types, the most common being the “modular” style.Also is hard-wire, and four-prong.

1.02: What is meant by RJ11/RJ14/RJ45 in jack types?
A: These are types of modular jacks. RJ11 is a small, 4-position modularjack (like on the handset). RJ14 is a 6-position jack (usu. with 2 or 4wires) such as the line cord. RJ45 is an 8-position jack, not often usedfor standard telephones, but is used for some “system” telephones and forEthernet (computer) wiring.

SECTION 2: Wires and color codes
2.01: What is the proper type of wire to use?
A: Telephone wire must have the letters “CM” in its type rating. Telephonewire size is referred to in “pairs”– such as 2-pair (4-wire), 3-pair (6-wire),and so on. Wire smaller than 24 AWG should never be used.
Although it is available, 1- and 2-pair wire is not recommended, asit is usually not twisted, and should it fail, there are no extra pairsto fall back on.
6- or 8- pair is recommended. The wire should be CAT-2 or better. I highly recommend using CAT-5, as the price difference is minimal if youshop around for it.

2.02: What does twisting have to do with anything?
A: Twisting each _pair_ (not the whole cable) helps reduce signal lossand rejects interference. Also helps prevent “crosstalk” (where a signalbleeds from one pair to another). The tighter the twist, the clearer theline.
CAT-1 is not twisted at all, and CAT-2 is barely so. I recommend goingwith at least CAT-3 4-pair wire, especially if you plan to use a modem.
If you’re really fanatical, you could do your telephone wiring withbalanced microphone cable (2 conductors plus shield). Just be sure youground the shield at the phone co. interface box ONLY (don’t connect itto the line wires).

2.03: What are the color codes for lines 1/2/3/4/etc.?
A: Note that a standard RJ14 jack has six positions and may have two,four, or six pins. There are two color codes, described below:

Pair: Ring (-): Tip (+)
1 Red Green
2 Yellow Black
3 Blue White
1 Blue/WH White/BU
2 Orange/WH White/OR
3 Green/WH White/GN
4 Brown/WH White/BN

There are additional colors for cables with more than 4 pairs, but Idon’t know what they are right now. When I find out I’ll include the listin an appendix.

As you look at the _jack_ from the “front”, with the tab slot down,the pins are arranged as so:
4R-3T-2T-1R-1T-2R-3R-4T (eight pos.-eightpins RJ45)
3T-2T-1R-1T-2R-3R (six positions-six pins RJ14)
xx-2T-1R-1T-2R-xx (six positions-four pins RJ14)

The “white” may or may not have a color band corresponding to its partnercolor.

2.04: What special considerations should I have for modem use?
A: See also question 2.01. When using a modem, highest data transferrates can be achieved when external noise is reduced as much as possible.To reduce unwanted noise, consider the following:

Make cable runs as short as possible. Seriously consider using CAT-5 communicationscable (10BaseT ethernet cable).
Route cables as far away from other wiring (house wiring, doorbell, cableTV, etc) as practical. If the telephone wire must cross another wiringsystem, cross at a 90 degree angle. A telephone wire running parallel andnear to another wiring system can receive inductive interference (“crosstalk”)from that other wiring system, which will degrade modem performance.
Make sure you have plenty of Doritos and Coke available when you have yourcomputer guru (a 13-year-old kid, in most circumstances) pay you a visit.
Many of these same principles apply to ISDN (a high-speed, multiplexingtelephone line), which itself is beyond the scope of this FAQ.


SECTION 3: Voltages

3.01: What is ring/tip/sleeve?
A: Look at the plug on the end of your stereo headphones (my apologiesif you are listening to your favorite CD). You will see something likethis:
| |______________
========| TAIWAN |_________|_|__>
|____________| ^ ^ ^

This is known as a “Phone plug.” The telephone companies used these(1/4″ in diameter) in the patch bays that the operators used to usewhenconnecting you to “CHicago 17” or something like that. You will noticeit has a tip (T), a ring

Super Hint

1)Cure for headaches:
Take a lime, cut it in half and rub it on your forehead.
The throbbing will go.

2)Use of soap wrapper:
Don’t throw away the wrapper after removing a bar of soap.
Place it inside your shoe cabinet or shoe box.
It’s a cheap way of filling the air with a nice smell.

3)If your polished furniture has small scratches:
Try rubbing them with a shelled walnut.
You’ll see the scratches just disappear!

4)Are your shoes smelly:
Here’s a solution. Put some tea leaves into a pair of stockings and stuff each into a shoe. Leave for a day or two And the smell just vanishes!

5)Don’t throw out all that leftover wine. Freeze into ice cubes for future use in Casseroles and sauces.

6)If you have problem opening jars:
Try using latex dishwashing gloves. They give a non-slip grip that makes opening jars easy!

7)Tips for stamp collectors:
Place the envelope in the freezer for a few hours. You’ll then be able to easily lift the stamps off with a pair of tweezers.

8)To keep buttons from dropping off:
Dab a drop of clear nail polish onto the thread the secures the buttons.
This will harden and make it more difficult for thread to break off.

1)Are cockroaches in your home driving you mad?:
Try this tested trick. Fill a large bowl with cheap wine and leave it under the sink. The pests will drink it, get drunk, fall in the bowl and drown…easy!

2)To avoid hurting your fingers while hammering metal nails into the wall:
Hold the nails with a wooden clothes peg instead. So even if you miss, you won’t get hurt.

3)To take the tears out of chopping onions:
Plug in a portable fan and turn it to high. It’ll help blow away the fumes from your eyes – no more tears!

4)Potatoes will take food stains off your fingers.
Just slice and rub raw potato on the stains and rinse with water.

5)To get rid of itch from mosquito bite: try applying soap on the area – instant relief!

6)Ants, ants, ants everywhere…
Well, they are said to never cross a chalk line. So get your chalk out and draw a line on the floor or wherever ants tend to march – see for yourself!

7)Egg shells can be used to clean glass bottles:
Break the shells into pieces, drop them into the bottle with a few drops of detergent and a bit of water, and shake vigorously. Then rinse with water.

8)Don’t panic if your soup’s too salty:
Add cut raw potatoes and throw them away once they are cooked and have absorbed the salt. Your soup’s saved!

1)To return discoloured socks to their original colour:
Boil them in a pot of water with a few slices of lemon.
The fruit acts as a natural bleach.

2)Paper Bags’ String:
Before you throw away any damaged paper bags, neatly cut off the strings attached to the bags. They usually come in a variety of colours and are great to tie up little presents with.

3)To get the last drops of ketchup out of the bottle:
Grap the bottom of the bottle and start swinging your arms in a circular motion. Make sure you have the cap screwed on tightly. The remaining drops will be forced to the top.

4)Use air-freshener to clean mirrors:
It does a good job and better still, leave a lovely smell to the shine.

5)If you have problem with slippery shoelaces which refuse to stay tied:
Rub them with a candle and make them less slippery so that knots stay put.

6)If you have stubborn grease stains on your work clothes:
Add a bottle of Coke with detergent. It’ll help loosen the grease.

7)Renew the features on your old faded dolls’ faces:
By blending in a cream foundation. Then apply a little rouge on the cheeks and for lips, nail polish. Waterproof mascara can be used on eyes lashes.

8)Dirty marks on your white court shoes:
Just out some medicated oil on a piece of clothes and clean off those dirty marks on your white court. They’ll be looking as good as new again.

Hope you find them helpful….

Berbagai Petua Berguna

khasiat bawang:
1. pening kepala:
potong 2 ulas bawang putih dan telan bersama sedikit air. sapu tempat yang
sakit dengan minyak bawang putih.

2. lemah otot:
ambil tiga ulas bawang putih dan hancurkan. kemudian minum bersama susu
unta setiap hari selama sebulan bagi menguatkan otot yang lemah.

3. demam selsema:
telan seulas bawang putih setiap kali selepas makan sebanyak tiga kali
sehari. dan minum air perahan bawang putih dan limau serta berkumur air
wap bawang putih.

4. susah hadam:
rebus bawang merah bersama kulitnya. kemudian kupas bawang itu. bawang
itu haruslah dihancurkan dan dicampurkan ke dalam madu asli dan dijadikan
krim sapuan roti. amalkan selalu.

5. serangan angin:
campurkan air perahan bawang merah setengah cawan bersama halba rebus
setengah cawan. kemudian bancuhkan sedikit madu asli ke dalam bancuhan
itu.kacau dan minum campuran itu setiap hari.

6. serangan cacing:
amalkam meminum air rebusan bawang merah setiap hari.

1. menghilangkan karat kepada pakaian:
perahkan air limau nipis ke dalam bekas berisi satu sudu kecil garam
halus.kacau hingga sebati dan sapukan kepada pakaian yang terkena karat.
biarkan beberapa minit sebelum dibubuhkan sabun dan diberus seperti biasa.`

2. hampas teh suburkan tanaman:
taburkan hampas teh di sekeliling pokok hiasan di dalam pasu dan
siramlah tanaman itu seperti biasa, dalam beberapa hari, tanaman anda akan
menjadi lebih subur dan hijau.

3. mengatasi sengal tulang:
patahkan ranting pohon kemboja dan ambil getahnya. sapukan getah itu
kepada sendi-sendi tulang, di bahagian tubuh anda yang mengalami sengal
terutamanya pada sebelah pagi.

merawat kulit berkedut:
parutkan sebatang lobak merah yang telah dibersihkkan, lalu dicampurkan
bersama sesudu tepung jagung dan sebiji kuning telur. sebatikan
bancuhan itu lalu dioleskan kepada kulit sekali sehari. amalkan sehingga

5. daun puding atasi gatal:
bersihkan segengggam daun puding lalu dikisar lumat. lumurkan keseluruh
kulit kepala. bungkus kepala dengan tual bersih selama satu jam. akhir
sekali bilas rambut dengan air bersih. lakukan dua kali seminggu.

6. legakan sakit gigi:
celupkan seputik kapas ke dalam esen pisang dan tekankan atau sapukan
kepada gigi yang sakit.

7. segarkan mata:
sapukan minyak zaitun di sekeliling mata sebelum tidur.

8. kunyit atasi hidung bayi tersumbat:
Asahkan ibu kunyit kepada batu atau belakang pasu yang bersih, dan sapukan
airnya secara nipis di sekeliling hidung bayi. awas! jangan biarkan air
itu meleleh ke dalam hidung.

9. kulit limau hilangkan bau badan:
potongkan limau kasturi dan buangkan bijinya. kemudian makanlah kulit
limau kasturi itu bersama airnya. amalkan selalu.

10. engurangkan dengkur:
tumbuk lumat tujuh biji badam dan campurkan ke dalam segelas susu
panas.minumlah beberapa minit sebelum tidur.

11. cara menghilangkan ketuat:
sapukan getah dari pelepah betik yang depetik terus dari pokoknya.
titiskan getah itu kepada ketuat dan biarkan ianya kering sendiri. lakukan
beberapa kali. ketuat akan mengering dan luruh sendiri.

12. menaikkan seri muka:
basuhkan muka anda dengan menggunakan air basuhan beras yang ke tiga.
bilas dengan air bersih setelah sepuluh minit berlalu. amalkan selalu.

13. mengelakkan nafas berbau:
sangar hampas kelapa hingga kuning. amalkan mengunyah hampas kelapa
itu.jika anda tidak sukakan rasanya, anda boleh saja meluahkannnya.
minumlah air suam selalu.

14. limau nipis mewangikan rambut:
potong dua biji limau nipis melintang. kemudian gosokkan ke kulit
kepala yang telah dibasahkan. gosok rata sehingga air limau meresap ke akar
rambut.biarkan beberapa minit sebelum dibilas.

15. mengelakkan cermin kenderaan kabur:
basahkan sehelai tuala kecil, tuangkan beberapa titis shampoo mandian ke
atasnya. laplah bahagian luar dan dalam cermin kerderaan anda dengan
menggunakan tuala tadi.

16. mengelak keguguran rambut:
ambil lemak ayam dan masak sehingga menjadi minyak. sapukan ke kuit kepala
se-eloknya pada waktu malam. amalan ini juga dapat mencegah kelemomor.

17. ubati bibir yang pecah:
bancuhkan air suam bersama gula merah dan sedikit asam jawa kemudian di
minum beberapa kali.

18. menghilangkan kembong perut.
ambil tiga helai daun mengkudu muda dan sapukan minyak kelapa. kemudian
layurkan ke atas api selama dua minit. setelah itu, daun yang masih panas
ditekapkan kepada perut.

19. atasi tumit pecah:
gosokkan tumit kaki dengan menggunakan belimbing buluh. kemudian berus
kaki dengan berus lembut. amalkan sebelum mandi.

20. ubat sakit angin:
kupas seulas bawang putih yang sederhana besarnya. dan makan mentah-mentah.
badan akan menjadi hangat dan angin akan keluar. rasa mual dan pening
akan berakhir.

21. menghaluskan kulit muka:
didihkan susu segar atau pun susu tepong bercampur air. biarkan ia sejuk
lalu disapukan kepada muka. biarkan kering lalu dibasuh dengan air bersih.

22. melembutkan tapak kaki:
ambil sedikit hampas kelapa dan campurkan dengan air perahan limau nipis.
gosokkan tapak kaki dengan bancuhan itu berulangkali. amalkan
sekurang-kurangnya seminggu untuk mendapat hasilnya.

`23. mengatasi mabuk perjalanan jauh:
bancuh air didihan nasi bersama sedikit gula. minum ketika suam.
amalkan selalu.

24. menghapuskan urat timbul di kaki sewaktu mengandung:
belah beberapa ulas bawang putih lalu ditenyeh kepada urat yang mula
timbul.amalkan selalu.

25. mencantikan telur rebus:
rebuskan telur sehingga tiga suku masak. masukkan kulit bawang merah ke
dalam air rebusan dan biarkan sehingga warnanya luntur. kemudian
rebuskan kembali telur itu.

26. menghalau semut:
masukkan beberapa batang kulit kayu manis dan bunga cengkih ke dalam
bekas berisi gula.

27. mengelakkan lipas:
ambil beberapa helai daun pandan dan letakkan di tempat kegemaran lipas
seperti almari pakaian dan ceruk-ceruk dapur. apabila daun pandan itu
sudah layu, gantikannya dengan daun-daun baru.

28. mengelakkan sawang atau sarang laba-laba:
bersihkan tempat yang sering kedapatan sarang laba-laba. kemudian celupkan
penyapu sawang ke dalam minyak tanah lalu lapkan tempat itu.

29. hilangkan lebam di bawah mata:
sapukan bahagian lebam itu dengan air perahan limau nipis. lakukan beberapa

30. menghilangkan bau mulut:
tumbuk lumat sepuluh kuntum bunga cengkeh dan tiga ulas bawang putih.
kemudian gosokkan kepada gigi dan berkumur hingga bersih. lakukannya tiga
hari sekali.

31. merawat sakit lecur:
titiskan cecair spirit ke atas gelembung lecur.

32. meredakan batuk:
rendamkan gula batu, getah anggur dan kembang semangkuk selama semalaman di
dalam jag berisi air masak. berikan minuman ini kepada orang yang batuk
sekerap mungkin.

33. mengembalikan seri muka selepas bersalin:
rebus beberapa tangkai daun inai dan minum airnya tiga kali seminggu.
se-eloknya pada waktu pagi dan malam.

34. mencantikan kulit janin:
amalkan meminum air kelapa sewaktu mengandung agar anak yang bakal lahir
nanti terhindar dari mendapat ruam lampin.

35. mengembalikan kesegaran kepala:
ramas tujuh biji limau nipis yang telah diputong melintang ke dalam bekas
air suam. tapis air limau itu dan lumurkan kepada kepala selama sepuluh
minit. kemudian barulah dibilas. lakukan diwaktu petang.

36. menghaluskan kulit muka:
bancuh sedikit asam jawa bersama air dan sesudu tepong ubi. kacau sehingga
ia menjadi larutan pekat. pupurkan kepada muka yang telah dibersihkan.
biarkan ia mengering lebih kurang limabelas minit. selepas itu barulah

37. mencabut kutu babi:
petik daun sirih bersama tangkainya. dan titiskan getah sirih ke atas kutu
babi. selepas itu ianya akan menjadi senang untuk dicabut.

Wajah yang cantik akan lebih kelihatan lebih menarik dengan secebis
senyuman. Namun yang lebih manis lagi jika senyuman itu turut di iringi
dengan gigi yang putih dan sihat.

Sebelum kita mengosok gigi dengan menggunakan ubat gigi… gosoklah gigi
dengan menggunakan SERBUK PENAIK atau lebih di kenali sebagai SODIUM
BIKARBONAT terlebih dahulu.Kumur dan gosoklah gigi dengan ubat gigi seperti
biasa. Amalkan petua ini seminggu dua ke tiga kali.

HALUSKAN SIKU & LUTUT ( kalau nak lebih berkesan gunalah kertas pasir
disagat setiap malam sebelum tidur..ekekek )

Dalam aktiviti seharian, mungkin tanpa kamu sedari bahagian siku dan lutut
menjadi tumpuan utama dalam pergerakan tubuh.

Siku yang terawat dan lutut yang indah dapat menjadi daya penarik yang
tersendiri, terutamanya jika kamu penggemar skirt pendek atau seluar
pendek. Oleh itu, berikan sedikit perhatian pada dua bahagian ini.

Mulailah merawatnya secara teratur!Tidak perlu dengan kosmetikyang mahal,
melainkan cukup dengan menggunakan buah NENAS. Caranya mudah, parut buah
nanas segar yang telah dicucibersih terlebih dahulu, lalu sapukanpada siku
dan lututkamu. Gosokkan perlahan dan biarkan selama beberapa minit agar
zat-zat semulajadinya dapat memberi kesan dengan baik. Jus dari nanas akan
membuatkan lipatan-lipatan kulit pada siku dan lutut menjadi lembut
Setelah itu bilas dengan air suam sehingga bersih sampai kulit tidak lagi
terasa lekit. Gunakan tuala lembut untuk mengeringkannya, tidak dengan cara
menggosok tetapi cukup ditekan-tekan saja. Selepas itu, letakkan ‘baby oil’
atau pelembap. Lakukan cara berkesan ini secara teratur dan nikmati


” Alamak, rambut aku macam hantu MAK LAMPIR ni… nak pergi dating pulak
tu… macamana ni ?”


Saya ada SATU rahsia yang ingin saya kongsikan bersama.

Sebelum anda mencuci rambut anda, ada baiknya anda melumurkan sedikit
minyak baby ke rambut anda, sebaiknya jika anda hendak mencuci rambut anda
sebelah pagi elok anda melumurkan minyak baby pada sebelah malamnya. Tapi
jika anda sesuntukan masa…lima minit sebelum pun boleh juga tapi hasilnya
tidaklah seberapa.
Selepas itu barulah anda menbasuh rambur anda seperti biasa.Apabila rambut
anda sedah kering anda akan dapat rasa kelembutannya.