Smokers’ Pledge
We, the members of smokers
Pledge ourselves as one united smokers
Regardless of Salem, Camel or Marlboro
To consume all the tobacco on earth
Based on intensive smoking and drinking
So as to achieve lung cancer, heart attack and high pressure
for ourselves…

The Mahjong Society Pledge
We, the members of mahjong society
Pledge ourselves on one mahjong table
Regardless of race, language or religion
To build a wonderful da shang yuan
Based on Ang Tiong, Bei bang, huat chai
So as to achieve zi mo, goh tai and collect money
for our future…

The MRT Pledge
We, the passengers of MRT
Pledge ourselves as one “kan cheong” people
Regardless of old folks, kids or pregnant women
To rush for unoccupied seats and spaces
Based on pushing and shoving
So as to achieve rest, slumber and sleep for our

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