HK actress Nancy Wu ‘likes’, ‘clicks with’ stars but won’t reveal whom she really loves
By Tan Kee Yun
June 14, 2009

SLENDER Nancy Wu might not have the liver capacity to gulp down a half-yard of beer in a single sitting.

HER MEN? (Above) Nancy, (below to bottom) Nathan and Kenneth. Ex-boyfriend Deep appeared with Nancy in his music video.

But there’s one thing she definitely doesn’t lack in her life – men.

The 27-year-old Hong Kong actress was in town last weekend, along with fellow TVB stars Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu, to attend the finals of Beds Beer Battle 2009.

Held at Beds KTV Pub, the event was a competition to discover the fastest beer drinker in Singapore.

She watched in amazement as contestants effortlessly washed down beer at breakneck speed.

After the event, as the doe-eyed beauty sipped gracefully on champagne – clearly her preferred drink – with her colleagues, The New Paper took the chance to quiz her about recent rumours surrounding two male celebrities.

Yes, we’re talking about not one, but two men.

The first is boyish South Korean singer-actor Nathan Lee, 25, member of boyband TAKE and part of the cast of A Starry Night, the new subway drama slated to be screened at train stations in Singapore and China later this year.


Nathan and Nancy were dance partners in the second season of reality talent show Strictly Come Dancing, the Asian version of Hollywood’s Dancing With The Stars.

Their chemistry was undeniable as the pair waltzed, tango-ed and rhumba-ed their way to third prize in the competition, even scoring full marks on two occasions.

Nancy had no qualms about heaping praise on him.

‘I must say Nathan is indeed the best partner I’ve had at work so far,’ said Nancy with a grin.

‘It must be fate’s arrangement that we got to dance together on the show.

‘Somehow, we just clicked very well and were able to communicate with ease.

‘I give him a full 100 marks for his dedication and commitment.’

As for Nathan’s confession of love for her during an interview, she laughed and admitted that she initially found his affection ‘odd’, but eventually didn’t think too much about what he said.

‘He grew up in America and therefore is more Westernised and direct in his behaviour,’ she said.

‘We spent two months on the show and saw each other literally every day, so it’s inevitable that we became close as friends.

‘He’s now pursuing his career in mainland China, I do hope he comes back to Hong Kong some time though!’

Another of her rumoured beaus is goofy-looking 35-year-old fellow TVB actor Kenneth Ma.

The Hong Kong media is rife with reports that the two got to know each other on Strictly Come Dancing.

According to reports, ‘sparks flew despite them being on different teams’ and they have ‘already been secretly dating for nearly a year’.

‘Ahh, it’s pure gossip, we are just very good friends,’ was Nancy’s calm reply.

She said, however, that Kenneth’s ‘down-to-earth disposition’ was one of his most attractive traits.

‘Who doesn’t like a man who is grounded and practical?’

Then, with a sigh, she added: ‘These days, good guys are really hard to come by.’


Perhaps her decision to remain tight-lipped on her personal life had to do with her previous relationship, which was exposed by the paparazzi.

In February 2006, she was caught on camera shopping for groceries in matching attire with Hong Kong singer Deep Ng. The 25-year-old had his arm wrapped around her shoulders.

Prior to that, Nancy had starred in Deep’s music video for his ballad, Third Party, in which she shared an intimate scene with him.

Following the release of the pictures, Deep confessed to the Hong Kong media that they were an item.

However, the couple’s relationship soon ran its course and they split up a few months later.

While it’s hush-hush on her part about her current relationship status, she was all-smiles when the topic veered to her increasing popularity.

Local fans with placards sporting her name were seen stationed outside Beds KTV as they patiently waited for her arrival at the Beer Battle event, which was by invitation only.

Last December, she bagged the Most Improved Actress award at TVB’s 41st Anniversary Awards, a sign that she had finally hit the big time after eight years in the television industry.

‘It’s great that my efforts have been recognised,’ said Nancy.

‘I’ve been very lucky too, to get the challenging part in (period drama) The Silver Chamber Of Sorrows where I got to play the fourth wife of veteran actor Paul Chun.

‘The character I portrayed in it was a vivacious hostess who spent much of her rough life in seedy nightclubs. It was definitely a refreshing change for me, as well as for my fans who have followed my career all this while.’

The Silver Chamber Of Sorrows is currently showing on VV Drama (Ch 55) on weekdays at 9pm.

HK hunk envies S’pore actor’s wedded bliss

HE is widely considered to be one of Hong Kong television’s most handsome hunks.

LIGHTEN UP: Kevin is ready for a lighthearted role. –PICTURES: LIVE! STUDIOS MIKE HOI, STARHUB

But Kevin Cheng feels that his good pal, Singaporean actor and host Ben Yeo is so much luckier.

That is, when it comes to love.

‘I believe in fate and Ben’s really lucky to be able to find someone who can be his love for life,’ the 39-year old actor told The New Paper.

Ben became a first-time father in May this year, and his son Javier’s godfather is none other than Kevin. Does witnessing his buddy’s bliss make him feel like settling down?

‘I’d love to, but you can’t rush things like that,’ he said with a chuckle, adding that some people are fortunate enough to find the right one, while ‘others spend their whole lives searching’. He said he preferred to just let nature take its course.

The bachelor had been previously linked to TVB actresses Niki Chow, 29, and recently, Charmaine Sheh, 34, his co-star in detective series Forensic Heroes II.

Kevin has never admitted to either relationship outright.

While it took a lighthearted drama, Under The Canopy Of Love, to propel him to stardom (he won Best Actor at the 2006 TVB Anniversary Awards for his role in that series), he said he always relishes new challenges.

‘I’ve done several intense, dramatic roles, like in The Ultimate Crime Fighter (where he plays a disturbed, bisexual murderer) and Last One Standing (where he plays an ex-convict) and loved them.

‘But after doing a string of such characters, I hope for a change and to do something different, like a swordfighting drama or a laugh-out-loud comedy.’

Kevin is currently filming the period drama Iron Horse Seeking Bridge, which also stars rumoured couple Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu.


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