Don’t Be Stupid! Boycotting Starbucks, McDonald’s Restaurants & Coca-Cola For What?

I can’t believe that there are so many stupidest people in the world. Starbucks coffee chain, McDonald’s fast-food outlets and Coca-Cola in your countries are all locally-run, serves local customers, employs local people, supports local charities and pays local taxes. Do the Americans serve you at McDonald’s Restaurants? None! Muslim Restaurant Operators in Malaysia have stopped serving Coca-Cola products to their customers. I wondered do they know that Pepsi too originally come from the United States?

It’s a stupidest thing to tell everyone working at the US companies to quit their jobs. Are you going to pay their salaries? I’m laughing loudly when the Malaysian No.1 songbird told the media that she is boycotting the US products. How will she feels when I say we should boycott her new album “Lentera Timur” because I think she still supports United States products such as Kotex, Maybelline and Céline Marie Claudette Dion’s (Celine Dion) albums!

If you really want to stop the war in Palestine, you should tell your government to deal with it and stop all imports from America that includes their weapons (M16 rifle is a United States military rifle & F-16 Fighting Falcon is a 1974 American multirole jet fighter aircraft). No point telling your friends and fans!

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