I’m On Facebook

I’m been using Facebook for almost 2 months now. Before that I keep ignoring the invitations to join Facebook as I think this online social network medium is just a waste of time. The reason of me joining Facebook was because a friend of mine keen uploading the photos of me in his Facebook. So to get my photos, I had to join in.

I really like Facebook because I managed to find more old school friends here than in Friendster. It’s good to know just how well the person from the past is doing. The status function really help me keeps in touch with them. Most of the girls are married while there are still some guys/girls that are still single. Hehe… I’m not alone…. Oh, from the “Relationship Status”, I know who they are married to. Some of them married their secondary schoolmates.

The tagging of profiles to the pictures also refreshed the memories I had. Some of them look different when they were young and some that I can still recognised them. It’s also good that they used their real names here, really easy to find them. But I still have problems finding my Chinese friends though. There are celebrities’ pages and school alumni pages. The school alumni pages helped me find someone I used to make friend with and making new friends with some that I have not have the opportunities to say “hi” to. Currently I have 29 schoolmates in my list. More will come soon as some of them have not accepted me as their friends (maybe because I didn’t use my real name). Other than my schoolmates, there are 44 Malaysian and Singapore celebrities, 12 football players, 9 ex-colleagues and the rest make up of bloggers, people who I added and people who added me. I have 198 friends now; I’m still searching for the rest of them…

Other than adding friends and celebrities, uploading and tagging photos and adding comments to status and photos, I do play some of their addictive games. I started with “Battle Of The Bands”, but stop playing regularly when I reached Fame Level 27, getting the “Super Rocker” title, gaining Overall Position 89779, with 4265 Skill, earning $3,780,200 per hour, bought most of the gears (Squier Stratocaster, Bass, Ephiphone Les Paul, Flying V, Peavey Raptor, Fender Telecaster, Paul Reed Smith Custom, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Fender American Standard Stratocaster, Microphone, Drum Set, Sonor Force Drum Set, Casio WK-3800 Keyboard, Crate Amp, Epiphone Valve Junior, Marshall JCM800, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier and Line6 Vetta II) while waiting to gain Frame Level 30 to buy the Gretsch Electromatic Hollowbody guitars.

Next is the “Owned” game where you buy your friends’ picture. Currently I’m ranked 1st among my friends, worth at $190,772,318. You can buy me if you got $134,971,299. I scored 222 in “Bowling Buddies” and ranked third. I wondered how the people can get the full 300 points. Any tricks anyone?

I played “Pet society” for a couple of days. Eating, playing, bathing, visiting, hugging, kissing, joking and watching all day long. I login today and find some gifts send to me. Thanks girls. I’m still on Promising Prospect stage. I like “Premier League Picks”, currently on 25 points. Scored 7 out of 9 this week games correct (choose either win, lose or draw) with one game yet to be played later tonight. A lot of people can predict perfectly. Surely they could win big in illegal betting.

Lastly my favourite is the “Motorcycle Madness”. Named “Mat Racer”, I now owned a Boss Hoss ZZ4. Currently on level 27, just a few points less than a friend of mine. Hopefully I can beat him soon when I got the money to buy the Dodge Tomahawk that cost $400,000. I just need $5,862 more. My Race History: 1123 Wins, 141 Losses and $426,935 of Race winnings.

Enough of what I like. Here is what I dislike. Emails notification, my mail got spammed because by default it is not switched off. Profile pages are not available if you are not on their friends list. Most of the time, you can’t guess if they are your friends with their small (covered) profile picture. There is no photo editor since some people do not like their face to be in the pictures I uploaded. I had to remove the whole picture when someone requested I took out their pictures.

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