Rockerzz Rulezz – All Starzz Concert 08

Artistes: Nash (Lefthanded), Mus (May), Kristal and Yazid (Lovehunters).
Date: Nov 7, 2008
Time: 7:30 – 11:00 pm
Place: Suntec City Hall 603
General Admission: SGD$33 (Ticket Price), SGD$38 (Door Price)

The SGD$38 Ticket.

What was supposed to be the 21st Anniversary of WINGS’ concert was turned into Kristal’s concert with guest artists Nash, Mus and Yazid of Lefthanded, May and Lovehunters respectively. The last time I watched Wings performed live was the “Konsert Perdana – Rock Lives On Without Drugs” on May 4, 1990 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium performing with Search.

Aida Atan the spoke person of Rockerzz Rulezz stated in her sms to Berita Harian’s reporter (Berita Harian news on Nov 5, 2008) that Awie and Wings will not be coming to Singapore. There was a miss-communicating between Rockerzz Rulezz and Awie since they were negotiating through his ex-personal assistance who did not informed Awie about the deal that had been made.

But Awie seem aware of the concert as stated by a blogger in his blog posted two months ago on Sept 4, 2008 where Awie informed his fans of the upcoming 21st Anniversary concert. Wings’ official website too stated that they are coming to Singapore.

The Wings 21st Anniversary Poster.

There must be other reasons why they cancel/postpone it. Maybe because they only managed to sell about 1,300 tickets was the reason? Prices of the free seating/standing cost SGD$68, if you buy early it will cost SGD$50, a biker forummer selling at SGD$35 and you can get SGD$25 from the Merbuk Platoon guys. So I guess they will lose more if Awie and gang had come. Just imagine with 1300 people buying the original price of SGD$68, do you think SGD$88,000 is enough to pay Wings, Suntec and equipments rental and crew members?

Why I said that it is Kristal’s concert? If you do not know, Kristal is Awie’s students. If you ever watched their performances, it is quite similar to Wings. I think Awie recommended Rockerzz Rulezz to take them as their replacement.

Ok, enough of the facts and theories. Let rock and roll! I’m not aware that the concert had shifted half an hour earlier. Jalibhoy too did not inform me that it will start at 7.30pm. So I say ok that he pick me up at 7.15pm. We reached Suntec City around 8.20pm and found that there are many people loitering outside the entrance to the Hall 603. I’m not sure whether they are not aware that Wings will not be there or something had gone wrong. Surely there is something wrong when at 8.20pm the show had not even started! Checking the ticket that I just bought, it stated that the show will start at 7.30pm. It is almost an hour and nothing happened?

We decided to enter the hall. When we reached the door, the guy told us to go to the table on the right of us to have our tickets torn. Only one guy did the tearing. Another guy near him doing nothing and suddenly he asked me what in my bag. So this guy’s duty is checking bags. I said camera and he told me he still need to see it.

After checking, we went to the door guys (all these guys are from the Merbuk Platoon) and I give my hand to have the chop. But he asked for my ticket instead and chopped it. After we passed the door, we passed another two guys who chopped our hand. Hello! Why can’t the ticket guys chopped our hand too when he did chopped our tickets? How difficult would it be to chop our hands and tickets together at the entrance? Damn stupid to have one place to have our ticket tear, one place for ticket chop and another place for hand chop.

We went to have the seats where we can see the stage directly since the stage was more to the right of the hall. Even we get the 2nd last row, it is still very clear. All thanks to the 1,000 people who had decided not to come. I figured out that there are less than 400 people in the hall, with 4-5 people screaming and scolding for the late of show.

See the stage is not centered. No background decorations too.

About 9pm, the musicians started to walk pass the hall. Only at 9.15pm, Didi, the MC of the concert came out and performed a dangdut song. Hello.. We are at a rock concert! What the hell is dangdut doing here? Then we were entertained by a small boy who shows his drumming skills. Not bad for a young boy.

Didi and friends doing a dangdut tune.

At 9.40pm, the Malaysian musicians that will perform with Nash and Mus, take on stage with some of their old songs. These guys used to have their own bands but decided to let them RIP and decided to be guest musicians.

Nash singing “Tiada Lagi Kidungmu” song.

Almost passed 10, Nash came out and started to perform. More people started to go near the stage to have his picture taken. Yeah, you are allowed to go in front and take pictures and record videos. You can stand there as long as you like too! I did took some pictures but mostly turned dark even with flash and decided to focus more on video taking. I did record his “Tiada Lagi Kidungmu” song.

Nash (Lefthanded) – Tiada Lagi Kidungmu

Quite enjoy with his performance. One funny part is he decided to take off his t-shirt and gave to his fan but failed to button up his denim jacket since it is a bit tight for him. He had to hold on to it till the end of his show.

Nash holding on his jacket to prevent showing his flesh.

Around 10.30pm it is time for May Mus to performed. This is the real rockers that still have the look and style way back in the 80 where I used to see him performed at Muzik-Muzik on TV3.

Mus, the true ROCKER.

I can say this is the part where most of us enjoyed as we sang a couple of songs together. One of them is “Cintamu Mekar Di Hati”. Before he left, he did sing a new song from his yet to release solo album using a minus one.

Mus (May) – Cintamu Mekar Di Hati

11.20pm, Wings substitute Kristal came and performed with a folk song “Rasa Sayang” in rock version. Some other some are “Resam Pak Belalang”, “Delaila”, “La Obe” and “SMS”.

Razlan the Kristal singer. Does he look like Awie 20 years ago?

12.15pm our own local rock singer Yazid of Lovehunters came out. He did “Ku Ukir Namamu” and “Sambutlah Kasihku” with his acoustic guitar and invited a female to sing with him. Not bad for a legend local singer that still has his fans sang along these two songs. After that he continues with the Lovehunters singing his songs that I’m not familiar with.

Yazid of Lovehunters with his acoustic guitar

The show ended almost 1am. Overall it is a good concert although with the technical problem of the late coming. It’s worth paying SGD$38 for a three and a half hour show. Congratulations to Aida Rockerzz Rulezz! Hope you learned the lessons and I guess you will go back to Temasek Poly to have your next event. One suggestion though, if you can’t bring Wings, I hope you can bring back Mus and May to Singapore.

The view from where we sit.


  1. jalibhoy

    bro ade some more pics kat facebook aku

  2. admin

    email to me dok. me no facebook nor myspace.

  3. aida atan

    Thank you for the support…. i’ve brought May in May 2008… insya allah once fully recovered from my brain surgery , I will bring them again. and btw, Search was st Republic Poly…not Temasek

  4. admin

    i hope the surgery will be a success. Thanks for the info, yeah, it was at the same RP.


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