Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2008!

Hehe.. It’s almost 3 weeks now that we celebrated the month of Shawal. Nobody except Imraneo and wife came to my house since the relatives and visitors were diverted to my sister’s house for hari raya visiting.

I received a couple of sms hari raya greatings:

“Lapar puasa terketar2, bila berbuka lega rasanya, kad raya tak sempat nak antar, kiriman sms kira ok lah ye… slmt hari raya. rgds amin” – Amino 30-09-2008 21:42:09

“Eid Mubark!!” – Aman 01-10-2008 08:00:03

“Wishing all ma brudders Eid Mubarak!” – Imraneo 01-10-2008 10:53:49

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