Traffic Offence Appeal

After four months plus, here what the Traffic Police wrote:

We have reviewed your case and note that a traffic offence has been disclosed but in view of the circumstances, we have decided to take no further action against you in this instance. However, a warning will be recorded for our future reference.

Double checking the status at Singapore Police Force website, I have no outstanding summons. Yeah I saved $70! If not I will lose $70 because of the $30 Robinson vouchers.

How to write a proper appeal to the authorities?

Note: You can appeal through email to Traffic Police Feedback Unit at email address URA and HDB appeal through their websites at and respectively.


  1. Kimberly Leng

    Hi to whom may this concern, I am seeking for an appeal with regards to my $120 fine on 26th Oct 2008 at 5am odd while being stopped by a roadblock along Tiong Bahru area.

    My driving license number is S8930371J.

    Due to out tight schedule and time compressed for our school shoot, my classmates have no choice but to ask me to substitute as driver for a short distance for the night. This is the first time I did not use a P plate while driving otherwise I would obey the rules and have my P plate on whenever I do. I hope you will understand as I am only a student and along with the tight financial crises I have at home right now, I am struggling to pay for my $120 fine.

    Please understand.

    For the record, my TP test was a 2pointer. As to how you may see my driving results test, I hope you can continue to trust me with my license and do spare leniency on me with regards to this case.

    Kimberly Leng

  2. admin

    Hi Kimberly,

    I think you should wait for the summon letter from the Traffic Police before you can appeal. It will probably reach you in 2 weeks time. Then you can sent your appeal by email to this email address: Do include the ref. numbers of your summon letter.

    If you are a first time offender, they may approve your appeal if they found you have a valid reason. It will take about 4 months for them to review your case.

    Take care and drive safely. Cheer.

  3. Kimberly Leng

    Hi, the email given above to me does not exist.

    Please review about it.

    Kimberly Leng

  4. admin

    Hi, You can call them at this site

    Hope this will help. Regards.

  5. koh

    Are we allowed to appeal second time after they rejected our first appeal? The reason they give is not convicing…

  6. kalayani

    i like appeal for the offence for the offence commited on 1sep for parking on the opposite continuous white line as i was in rush to find a toilet in the hawer ccentre . i was not feeling very good that morning as i was procceding to work, I had a server diahoera on that day, I was in desperate for looking for a toilet. at hte nearby hawker cente I hope the auothirty will give a chance to appeal for this time. I ensure that this offence is no repeated again. I hope your good office will waive this fine. vehicle SJN3928L


    Dear Sir / Madam
    To whom may this concert,
    Ref. No 1261 6800 6711
    Name & ID : Lee YM S0127999H
    Vehicle No. SCK 484T
    I am seeking for an appeal with regards to my $150/- fine and 6 demerit points on 04 September 2012 at 9.09am speeding at Upper Changi Road East (Lamp post 44) as I was in rush to work, I did not aware that this is limited speed to 60 km/h. I understand this is not a very good reason to ask for excuses, but I hope the authority will give a chance to appeal for this time. I have 30 years driving experience and this is my first time speeding offence. I ensure that this offence is no repeated again. I appreciate that you will waive or reduce this fine and demerit point.
    William Lee YM


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