Perpetual Motion

Perepiteia is purportedly a new kind of generator developed by Thane Heins. It all began back in 1985, when Thane Heins, having studied electronics at Heritage College in Gatineau, Quebec, started thinking about how magnets could be used to improve power generators. Mechanically, the device appears to be an induction motor with a magnetic material placed inside the rotor core. Heins believes that the device’s potential may rest in its atypical manipulation of back EMF.

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Critics of the system have pointed out that the system described by Heins simply demonstrates a change in the motor’s hysteresis drag, increasing the speed of the rotor but not producing any energy. In other words, when the rotor exhibits acceleration following a specific electrical short-out, the device is merely more efficiently converting the input electricity to mechanical energy than in the other test configurations.

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