The Meaning Of Retrenchment

The company that I had worked for the last seven years decided not to renew my contract because there is no more money left in producing DVD recorders for next year. Half of my colleagues had either left the company or are going to be transferred to the other departments and divisions of the company. Some of them are having their early retirement with their retrenchment benefits.

Within those seven years, I had tried to secure a stable employment at the company and other companies, but was unsuccessful. Nine more days I will be jobless and my main source of income is gone, cut off. Now I’m depending on my online incomes from Nuffnang, TLA and Google Adsense.

Why do someone do not want to hire me? Is it because of my resume? Or is it because of my high expectation salary? Or is it because of my age? Or is it because of my race and religion? I only received ONE interview (the interviewer had spied on me by asking one of my ex-colleague who is working there) after sending thousands of applications. For me, it’s their great loss of not employing me as now I got the opportunity to start a new career in a field that I have a whole lot more passion for.

Now I had a good reason to become a pro-blogger like John Chow. I hope with this, I will be a lot wealthier, happier and have a greater sense of freedom and purpose.

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