Formula Drift Singapore 2008

1st place: Ryuji Miki of Team USA
Car Model: Mazda RX-7 (FD3S)

2nd place: Tengku Djan of Team Malaysia
Car Model: Toyota Corolla AE86

3rd place: Mike Whiddet of Team New Zealand
Car Model: Mazda RX-7 (FD3)

Hot Drift queens

More nice drift cars

More professional photos available here.

Event Day: Sunday 27th April 2008
Event Place: Changi Exhibition Centre
Event Time: 0900 AM – 0545 PM
Website: Formula Drift Singapore

Singapore Formula1 Grand Prix 2008


  1. asirvr4

    i was there .. it was amazing.. i loved the ae86

  2. JH

    Nice photos of the Formula Drift Cars !

    The weather was very hot and so was the drifting action !


  3. ling

    the event totally sucked! we arrived at 345pm to catch the semi finals, only to find out the that whole event had ended! and they also didn’t mention anything about the $6 parking fee, or that tshirt redemptions were only for early birds! we didn’t get to see anything at all man. seriously, you cannot end an event 2 horus early lor. feel so cheated.

  4. admin

    Yeah, the weather was very hot! Next year they are planning to do it during the night.

    Yes… the schedule changed when I login to their website on the actual day with the drift demo supposedly start at 12noon was shifted at 11am. I missed it! I was surprised that it ended before 4pm and did not follow the schedule as planned.

    About the $6 parking fee, they had stated it on their website. I hate it when the parking space was way far from the event place.


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