Thanks And Goodbye 2007!

Nothing much have I done this year. Spend some of my hard work salary on a LG 12′ notebook, 3-in-1 printer and a Home Theatre System. Went KL with Imraneo and Amino on April, managed to see Formula 1 at Sepang International Circuit and visit the casinos at Genting Highlands. Bought 3 new domains (, and for online money making. Managed to earn some money from Nuffnang, Adsense, TLA, ReviewMe and PayPerPost.

On January this year, I wrote about buying a new bike, but I did not managed to find the one that I like. Next year I’m thinking of buying a car instead. Maybe I go with the Suzuki Swift or Mazda March 3. Buying car will depend only if I got a very good salary, near and free parking at the company. I also wrote about getting a girlfriend. Next year instead of a girlfriend, I’m looking for a wife lor.

Anyway, Goodbye 2007. Not a bad year although this year more and more people left the company. No pre-celebration on Christmas and New Year as the guy who yearly organised it had already left us.


  1. Imraneo

    Theres no such thing as a Mazda March 3.. haha

    Its either a Mazda3 or Nissan march 🙂

    And ya betta get a wife soon.. All of us are getting married one by one. Ya dun wanna feel left out, don’t ya?

  2. admin

    hehe maybe join-venture car.. LOL


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