Why Hady Mirza Is The Asian Idol?

There are some factors that make Hady Mirza the Asian Idol.

Since Mike, Jaclyn and Mau are the judges’ favorites and Hady Mirza is the judges’ least favorite, people from Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines won’t vote for each other. This make them decided to vote for their home idol and the least favorite idol. Since every countries will most probably vote Singapore for the second country, they thought they will not make Hady the Asian Idol. So if each smses from each country added together, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Philippines and Vietnam will get 1 vote plus 1 lucky vote from Singapore, while Singapore will get 6 votes.

As the population size is removed, bigger countries need more votes to match every single vote from Singapore. With the roughly total population are 1560 million people, I got this equation:

3 Singaporeans = 17 Malaysians = 55 Vietnam = 55 Philippines = 150 Indonesians = 717 Indians

To get 1 real Asian vote, Malaysia need 6 Malaysian’s votes, Vietnam and Philippines need 19 votes, Indonesia need 50 Indonesian’s votes and India need 239 Indian’s votes.

Each countries populations: Singapore 5 million, Malaysia 27 million, Vietnam 87 million, Philippines 87 million, Indonesia 234 million, India 1120 million

Since Singapore is the richest and most charitable country, every Singaporeans don’t have the problem to donate at least SGD$0.60.

Singapore also had done a great idea by choosing on Hady Mirza instead of Taufik Batisah. Almost all of the other countries are putting their “best of the best” idol. As most of you had said that Taufik has become a mature/respectful artist, I’m doubt that Taufik will win the Asian Idol.

The morale of the story: Small Rich Country + Least Favorite = Asian Idol

All the Idols are winners, no doubt about it. Hady Mirza has done his best. I’m mostly impressed with the Indian Idol’s Abhijeet Sawant.

Anyway Congratulation Singaporeans!

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