KL MENJERIT 2007 : Off Budget

Here the budget for 4 days 3 nights for 3 person that was created by Imraneo before we move to KL:

Car : RM 657
Gas : RM 120
Tolls : RM 120
Hotel : RM 240

Here what the real costs:

Car : RM 675
Gas : RM 154.44
Tolls : RM 123.60
Hotel : RM 374

Total Cost : RM 1327.04

Due to the car rental’s statergy, we forked out RM18 more. RM34.44 for the GPS confusion that make the car eat up more gas. The tolls quite accurate but we can make it less if we went back the same way we went to Sepang F1 Circuit. About the hotel, we planned to get a budget inn as Amino keep on mumbling on the $$$ spent and wanted to take the bus instead.

Total each person spend is RM 442.34 = SGD 196.59

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