KL MENJERIT 2007 – Day 4 : Berjaya TimeSquare and Johore Bahru

Destination : Orkid Hotel -> Berjaya TimeSquare -> Johore Bahru -> Singapore
Date : Sunday, 9th April 2007

Time : 9.30am

We were late for breakfast!

Time : 10.30am

Reached the TimeSquare on foot one more time.

Inside the TimeSquare

The Indoor Theme Park

The Roller Coaster Rails

Time : 12.10pm

Bought a Apache for RM140.

Toy Apache $$$ = RM140

Dreambox, the shop which sell all Coke’s stuffs

Some of the bottles Coke the shop sell

Time : 12.50pm

Amino and I decided to have a full massage at one of the shop as they got a special offer on a weekday. Amino lost one of his contact lenses while massaging his eyes. Don’t know whether the contact len fall out of his eye or lost inside his eye.

Full Massage $$$ = RM50

Time : 2pm

We decided to went back to Singapore. It was raining cat and dog again before it become heavy until all the vehicles put on the hazard light.

Time : 7pm

We were stopped by the Trafic Police just before we reached Johore Bahru City area. The Datuk said “124… Selamat Malam Encik”. We don’t know what is the “124” he was referring. The driver, Amino, kan-cheong a bit and was looking for the car rent booklet as we were driving in a Malaysian plate car. We thought they we doing their routine spot-checks.

The Datuk asked for the Amino’s license. Then he asked where we from and where we are heading. When he know that we are from Singapore, he told us that on Sunday they summoned 78 Singapore’s cars and asked us are we from F1 Sepang International Circuit.

What would you do if you are in this situation. Below is some options we can take.

Extract from The condom (and other assorted things) test

1. You are driving along and you realise there is a police roadblock up ahead. What do you do?

a. Reach for the RM100 note you have hidden in the visor, roll down the window, and say, with a big smile, “Selamat petang, Datuk.�

b. Make an abrupt U-turn and flash your lights at the oncoming traffic to alert them.

c. Hastily cover the copy of the Report of the Royal Commission to Enhance the Operation and Management of the Royal Malaysia Police that’s sitting on the passenger seat with the latest issue of Vogue.

d. Proudly place your copy of the Report of the Royal Commission to Enhance the Operation and Management of the Royal Malaysia Police on the dashboard together with a copy of the Suhakam report on the Kesas Highway Incident and the latest issues of Aliran and Utusan Konsumer, then roll down the window, and say, with a big smile, “Selamat petang, Saudara.�

The Datuk went to check the outer of our car and peeped in the car and asked us some more questions. Then he keeps asking us whether we want a summon. We keep cool and wanted to say “no” but instead we gave him some excuses such as that we were first time driving, we were unintended, asking for a warning only and bla bla bla…

After sometime, maybe because the queue of the stopped cars were getting long, he said he let us go and just take the picture. What a near booking for our first time driving in a rented Malaysian car. The number 124 will be remembered for some times… anyway 124km/hr is not so bad compared to the highway speed limit of 110km/hr.

Time : 8pm

Parked the car at the carpark near the Orix office, drop the key inside the office and time to go back to Singapore

Time : 10pm

Reached home, unpacked all stuffs, took a bath and went to sleep.

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