KL MENJERIT 2007 – Day 3 : Suria KLCC, Sepang F1 Circuit, Berjaya TimeSquare and Bukit Bintang

Destination : Orkid Hotel -> Suria KLCC -> Sepang International Circuit -> Berjaya TimeSquare -> Jalan Bukit Bintang
Date : Sunday, 8th April 2007

Time : 9.15am

Breakfast is the same as yesterday but today they served Fried Mee Hoon instead of Fried Kuey Tieow.

Time : 9.55am

We start our way to the Suria KLCC to buy the F1 tickets.

One of Suria KLCC Entrance

View from Suria KLCC

Time : 10.30am

We got the tickets, posters and car stickers!

The 3 C3 tickets that cost RM50. It will cost RM100 next year.

Time : 2pm

It was a long journey to the Sepang International Circuit. The highway was jammed, and we used the motorbike’s lane most of the time. Some vehicles even drove on the grass patch to reach to the SIC.

The so-called carparks

There is a parking charges of RM50 to park in this natural carpark. You can pre purchase the parking sticker at the ticket booth or just after the Plaza Tol exits. You are not allowed to the SIC areas and the trafic police will tell you to get out of the place. We managed to sneak through without the parking sticker and parked our car on the side of the road just before the carpark.

A Ferrari just passed by me

Ferrari’s Kits Anyone?

The Entrance to the Circuit

The Renault’s Salegirl

This girl is selling some stuffs for those who can’t take the heat and noise.

Another Petronas Display Car

Salegirls Selling Cigarettes

Another Salegirl Selling Cigarettes

Papa Rock Ramli Sarip Was There Too

Time : 2.50pm

We were at the Mall Area and we rushed to take the shuttle bus to the C3 area.

View Inside The Circuit (Grandstand F)

The Tower

South Mall Area

Most of them were under the umbrellas

The first lap with all the F1’s cars testing their machine lead by Felipe Massa (Ferrari).

The gap between the cars. They were far apart!

This is the only cars that give a fight.

See how far is this two cars?

The Ferrari’s car

Most of them left the circuit just before the race end.

Time : 4.45pm

The race ended with Fernando Alonso (McLaren-Mercedes) clocked 1:32.14.930. Lewis Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes) hit 2nd, Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) is 3rd, Nick Heidfeld (BMW Sauber) 4th and 5th is Felipe Massa (Ferrari) who had a bad day by doing so many mistakes from the start. The turnout is about 115,000 spectators and is the highest in Sepang.

To The Exits

Goodbye Sepang F1 Circuit

The C3 Gate

The Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix 2007 is not that exciting as the one I watched on television. Maybe because we only got to see some part of the race and no big screen on our side. I feel like all the racers were just having fun at this event as I can’t see any overtaking take place. My friend who went there last year said it was very noisy but I find it not so bad. Imraneo and I managed to endure the heat with just our cap and no water while Amino hide under his umbrella.

Time : 5.50pm

Went to have our lunch cum dinner at the Perhentian.

Dinner $$$ = Nasi Goreng (RM2) + Ayam Goreng (RM2) + Coke (RM1.60) + Mineral Water (RM2) = RM7.60

Time : 9pm

Reached Orkid Hotel to park our car and clean up before we went on foot to Berjaya TimeSquare for a short shopping and a cup of Starbucks Coffee.

Coffee Break $$$ = Java Chip Frappuccino Ice Blended (RM14.50)

Time : 11.30pm

Reached Jalan Bukit Bintang area to look for massage therapist. A place offered us RM68 for an hour full body massage. Amino said it is expensive and we walked away.

Bought a belt for RM20 and a Manchester United shirt for RM15 at the pasar malam nearby.

Funtheque‘s Bar, Disco and Restaurant

The view at Jalan Bulan

Had Ramly Burgers near the Nova Hotel before we went back to our hotel.

Supper $$$ = Special Chicken Burger (RM2.50) + Coke

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