KL MENJERIT 2007 – Day 2 : Genting Highlands and Suria KLCC

Destination : Orkid Hotel -> Genting Highlands -> Suria Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC)
Date : Saturday, 7th April 2007

Time : 8:45am

Posing with the “I Love Patents” jacket that was awarded to Putera Emas by his company

Imraneo posing with his F.B.I shirt

Our first breakfast at Orkid Hotel – Omelet, Baked Beans, Fried Kuey Tieow & Fried Mee, Buns & Breads, Fried Hotdogs, Orange Juice and Tea

The tea with packed milk. Look different eh? The taste also different!

Time : 9.40am

Putera Emas posing with a Singapore’s car at Orkid Hotel. Hmm.. another Singaporean staying with us.

The Petronas Twin Tower view from the highway

Gantry at the Plaza Tol

A long way to Genting Highlands, Pahang

Time : 12.00 noon

Reached the top of Genting Highlands. Went straight to the Outdoor Theme Park.

View from the highlands

A mural drawing outside Coffee Beans

Another view of the highlands

Outside of Genting Hotel

The Water Theme Park. Still under developments when we went there the last time.

The Outdoor Dry Theme Park at the back of the Wet Theme Park

The Outdoor Roller Coaster

The entrance to the Outdoor Dry Theme Park

Time : 6pm

Bought a Ferrari’s shirt for RM30 before we have our lunch cum dinner at Mary Brown’s Restaurant.

Mary Brown Rice. It looks and taste like Nasi Lemak

Dinner $$$ = RM11

Monte Carlo Casino

No need to wear Batik shirt, just wear any shirt with collars and you will be allowed in. Malaysian malay are not allowed in the casino. Singapore malays had to show their passports to get in. He.. he.. he.. I do not need to show mine.

Inside The Casino

The Jackpots

Time : 8pm

Decided to went back to KL. It was foggy and we can’t really see the road upfront. Had to follow the back light of the other cars until it was not so foggy at the lower part of the hill. We had a smooth snake ride down the hill.

Time : 10.15pm

Reached KLCC to look for the F1 tickets.

The Petronas BMW display F1 car

The counter staff told us that ticket will be available tomorrow at KLCC from 10am onwards. A guy prompted me and asked me whether I want to buy a F1 ticket and shown me a RM500 ticket (F gallery covered area) and offered me at RM300. I told him it is expensive and walk away. A few minutes later, the guy came back to me and offered me the ticket for RM50 only. He told me I can ask the tickets counter staff to check whether it is an original ticket. As he had only one ticket, I give him an excuse that my friends will be seating far away from me and finally he went away. Don’t know maybe he found the ticket and decided to sell it to me? Or he got it free from someone who went on the first two days of qualifying round.

Time : 10.50pm

Went to buy “The Shooter” movie tickets. A story about an ex-CIA agent (Snipes) starring Mark Wahlberg that was asked to take out a terrorist, only to realize that he had been set up by his former employer. 9 out of 10 stars for this movie that full of actions from the start. The ending was quite fast when he went to the former employer house and killed all of the CIA big-shots.

Imraneo posing at the Die Hard 4 poster

Amino standing at the 9:56 poster

Movie Ticket $$$ = RM11
Large Popcorn & Drink $$$ = RM7.50

Time : 2am – 8th April 2007

Reached Orkid Hotel… bath… zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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