KL MENJERIT 2007 – Day 1 : Johore Bahru, Malacca and Kuala Lumpur

Ringgit Malaysia $$$ = SGD249.77 * 2.25 = RM562
Destination : Singapore -> Johore Bahru -> Malacca -> Kuala Lumpur
Date : Friday, 6th April 2007

Time : 8.30am
Yeah! We are back to KL again since the last time we went there in 2005. This time we are going to drive there using a Malaysian car. Waited Imraneo and Amino at the Kranji MRT since 8.20am. They were late again. 8.35am, Imraneo came with his trolley bag. This time Amino was the last one to come at 8.50am. Took bus 170 to the check-point and it was a very long queue at the Johore side. Due to today is a Good Friday, most Singaporeans will spend their time on Malaysia’s land. About noon time, we got our passports stamped. We checked our passports for valid custom stamps to make sure that we will be able to get back to Singapore without any trouble.

Time : 12.30pm
We reached the ORIX Leasing Malaysia Berhad at Jalan Tebrau and were told that our booked Proton Wira is not available and we need to upgrade to Toyota Vios. WTF, we booked it 2 weeks ago and when we reached there, the admin guy say the Wira is not available. Don’t know whether it a bussiness statergy to make more money. The agreed rate for a Wira is RM164 per day and a deposit of RM500, but for the Vios, the rate is RM168 and a deposit of RM1000. We got no choice but to go ahead with the Vios. After settling up with all the admin stuffs, the admin guy bring us to the car and do a mark on all the scratches on the car to a piece of paper.

Time : 1.30pm
Went to an Indian eating shop nearby the Orix to have our breakfast cum lunch before we headed to the North South Highway toward Kuala Lumpur.

Lunch $$$ = White Rice, Curry and Fry Chicken (RM5.50) + Coke (RM1.60) = RM7.10

The 2 agents : Amino & Imraneo

The North South Highway

Time : 5pm

We stopped at Malacca Town (Jalan Laksamana) for cendol and photos taking at the Clock Tower, Queen Victoria Fountain, Dutch Square Area, Museum Belia, Windmill Model, Melaka Art Gallery and the Christ Church.

The Clock Tower

The Windmill Model

The Cendol and Air Batu Kacang seller

More better looking tourist trishaws than the Singapore one

The souvenirs shop

Amino and Imraneo posing with the rented car

Time : 6pm

No time for A’Famosa Fort and we headed to Al-Azim State Mosque at Bukit Palah for our prayers.

Al-Azim State Mosque was constructed between 1989 and 1991. Chinese influence mosque and no wonder it look like a pagoda.

Al-Azim State Mosque located 2 km from Malacca town

Entrance to the sholat area

Time : 6.40pm

It was “cat and dog” rain on our two hours journey to KL. We reached Jalan Masjid India at 9.00pm. We lost our way at the confusing roads and the GPS did not give us the exact guides to our destination. Went to look for Kowloon Hotel but it was fully booked. Look for the other hotels at Jalan Masjid India, too bad they were also fully booked.

Time : 9.30pm

We decided to have our dinner first at Restoran Selera M Y (No 16 Lorong Bonus 6 Off Jalan Masjid India) before going back to our 2005 Cardigon hotel near Jalan Bukit Bintang.

The Restoran Selera M Y’s Dal Fry – Cost : RM2

Tandoori Chicken – Cost : RM7

Plain Nan – Cost : RM1

The left overs

Imraneo showing the thumb UP for the foods

Dinner $$$ = Tandoori Chicken (RM7) + 2x Plain Nan (RM2) + Dal Fry (RM2/2=RM1) + Coke (RM1.60) = RM11.60

Time : 10pm

Drive our way to Jalan Bukit Bintang, and the GPS confusing us again before we reached Cardigon hotel.

Time : 11pm

Went to all the hotels along Jalan Bulan and they were fully booked. Hotel Warisan, Cardigon, Nova, small hotels an even the inns were fully booked. The last hotel Carona Inn got a room for two but it was too small for 3 of us. The hotel staff help us to look for other hotels by calling his friend and offer us a room at RM128 somewhere near Berjaya Timesquare but refused to say which hotel. But I guess I know which hotel we were going to stay. About half an hour we waited for the guy to fetch us to the hotel. We followed him, a bit worried he may bring us to some weird places.

Time : 1am (7th April 2007)

We reached the hotel. Yes, it is Orkid Hotel (They got 3 buidings, each situated nearby). A six storey hotel at Jalan Pudu. The guy told us that they got special rate at RM108 for the Deluxe room instead of the usual rate of RM150 and an extra bed cost RM10. The guy told us that the RM20 is for both him and the Carona Inn staff. Scared he will asked for RM20 each day we stay, we decided to book for 1 day only and will extend it on the next day. Not bad for a RM108 hotel that included a breakfast. I don’t think the guy earned RM10 only. I think he had a discount on the room and earned more from that.

The 402 key to our room

The 2 beds and extra bed

A 15″ TV in the room

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