WinTV-HVR 900 Hybrid TV Stick

Other than the 2 A1Pro stuffs, I also bought the Hauppauge analogue + digital TV tunner. Got the cheapest price from one of the indian shop at Sim Lim Square at SGD145. Other shops selling around SGD147 to SGD149.


After installing the A1Pro stuffs, I unpack the WinTV-HVR 900 Hybrid TV Stick box.


Here is the included DVB-T antenna.


The fat USB TV tunner with the USB extension cable.


The connection of the WinTV-HVR-900


The remote control, batteries, user guides, pamplets and the installation CD-ROM.


Using the CD-ROM, I installed the driver and the software. Restart the notebook and run the WinTV200 exe file. It prompt for me to scan the channels. Using the Starhub tv cable outlet, I run the scanning. It scanned the analogue channels and found 8 channels. Then it scanned for digital channels, and found none. Suspecting that the cable TV does not have digital tv channels, I connect it to the provided DVB-T antenna and scanned it again. But there is no digital channel. Fed up with the software that keep on “Not Responding” and crashing.


Downloaded the latest version 3.3C driver and update the driver. Run the scanning again, and still no clue of what the problem is. Try reading the comments at the Hauppauge’s forum page and they too got the same problem. It was pass midnight and I give up.

The next morning, I tried again and found 3 digital channels, TV8, TV5 and CNA. The quality was bad and jerking and I feel like I’m in the bus watching TvMobile! Try connecting to the Starhub tv cable outlet again and no digital appear. Give up and watched a movie.

Around 4pm, I decided to scan for the air channels using my booster antenna. Got all the Malaysian and Indonesian channels. Suddenly I got an idea of trying using the booster antenna to scan the digital channels. Voila… 8 digital channels found and the quality was superb. 8 digital channels – 2 digital radio, 2 TvMobile, Ch5, Ch8, CNA and HD Mediacorp channel.


Comparing the PCI WinTV at my PC to this USB one, I found that the USB one took longer time to load. Haven’t tried the recording and schedule recording.

It worked with Vista Windows Media Center, but the remote control is useless when in WMC mode.

Wondering when Suria and the other channels will be in the digital format…. When that happened, I just need to connect the WinTV to my booster antenna and enjoyed all the channels without unplugging and plug in the Starhub tv cable.

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