I Dream?

After 2 years since the song was sang at the Singapore Idol 1 grand final by Taufik Batisah, someone realised that it was an old song that was sang 5 years ago by LeAnn Rimes and it was not a new composed song as claimed by Michael Fallon. Thanks to www.Youtube.com, the secret was revealed! Actually during the Grand Finale on December 2004, my brain told me that I had heard this song before, but I can’t recall who sang this song.

As stated at www.Variety.com, LeAnn Rimes will be on hand to sing the newly commissioned Laureus anthem, “I Dream” at The Laureus World Sports Awards 2001 held in Monte Carlo on May 22.

After I heard the old version, it seem that Taufik too sang it the way it was supposed to be sung, but credit to Taufik, he pronounce “I Dream” better than LeAnn!

Does anyone noticed that “You Give Me Wings” sang by Hady Mirza and Jonathan sound a bit familiar during the chorus part to a song that I can’t remember? Hmmm.. “I Believe I Can Fly”??

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