Low Sook Yee Is The “One In A Million” winner!


A 16 years old student from Seremban (Malaysia) became a millionaire after a couple of months of hard work in 8tv “One In A Million” program. Congratulation Suki! I know you will win it.


Thank you 8tv for this ideal program and not so boring format where there are only two permanent professional judges (Syafinas and Paul Moss). With “Vote In” and “Vote Out”, it make the voting system fair. It also changed Dayang Nurfaizah from being a boring singer to a great sexy performer. But I would like to see that the judges were given the chance to eleminate one of the bottom two least voted contestants. Something like Anugerah Skrin did.


To Suki, help yourself before you help all the people who need it with the amount of money you had won.


Pictures from http://oneinamillion.bluehyppo.com/


  1. merapuman

    yes, she was great. her voice still intact even while crying.

  2. mia

    bodoh!! suara tak sedap pun boleh menang. either dia baik ker tidaklain cerita..
    cuba ko pikir..sekrg sape beli dia punya album? telefon dia …tanya berapa ramai orang tanya pasal album dia..? logiklah sikit…zaman sekarang kalau lagu sedap dan suara sedap orang mahu…ini tidak..vokal pun tak da…


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