Count On Me

Today’s version of “Count On Me Singapore”.

We have a revision of pay tomorrow
Just decrease, just decrease
We have lost hope for Singapore
We have to believe, we have to believe

You and me, we have to part
With our jobs for a start
We have to show the world what retrenchments can be‚
We can achieve? We are deceived!

There is nothing down the road that we can strive for
We were told a dream that we could never try for

There’s a spirit in the air
It’s a Seventh month feeling we all share
We’re gonna build a better ‘ge-tai’ for you and me
You better believe, you better believe

Count money, Singapore
Count wrongly and you lose even more
Count on me to give my salary and more
Count money, Singapore

We Are Chin Kang Kor (Revised version)
There was a time when people said that bus fares won’t
increase…. but it did
There was a time when they say CPF contributions won’t
decrease…..but it did

We’ll build a nation for PAP
Taxing on everyone who has a lot of money

This is my country, this is my flat
There’s not much future, they’re after my life
They are all Ah Longs, they’re not my friends
We are Chin Kang Kor, Chin Kang Koreans

Singapore, our homeland, it’s here that we are conned!
All of us, together our pockets are Kosong!
We’ve worked so hard together, what have we achieve?
Singapore Forever, a Rojak Company!

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