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Handphone Help Motorola


1. What is Pin code and what is the default number?
Pin Code is to prevent unauthorised access to the Sim Card. Network Operator will provide the Pin number (the default Pin number for M1 and Singtel is 1234). Your SIM card will be blocked if 3 unsuccessful attempts to enter this number are made.

2. What is the Pin2 Code and what is the default number?
Pin2 Code is to prevent unauthorised access to certain advanced features. The network operator should supply the Pin2 Code (default Pin2 code for SingTel is 1234, the Pin2 code is currently not available for M1).

3. What is Unlock Code and what is the default number?
The Phone Unlock Code is to prevent the phone from the unauthorised user. The default code is 1234.

4. What is Unblock Code and what is the default number?
If the PIN number is entered incorrectly three times in row, your SIM card will automatically lock-up and the BLOCK message will be displayed. If you receive the BLOCK message you will need to enter the Unblock code and key sequence (please refer to user manual) to unblock it. The Unblock code is supplied by the network operator.

5. What is the security code and what is the default number?
Security code is to prevent unauthorised access or changes to the security features. The default number is 000000.


1. Why am I encountering Check Card issue?
During conversation, my phone suddenly shows “Check Card” and the line is cut off. There are a few possibilities. First, the SIM card could be dirty. You can either clean it or have it replaced with a new one. Secondly, the back housing of the phone might be loose or SIM card holder is not fitted correctly. Hence, the SIM card and the card reader might have lost contact, therefore resulting in “Check Card” or “Insert Card”. Finally, it could be due to a faulty card reader. You may send the phone to our authorised service centre for repair.

2. Can the StarTACTM 70/80/90 battery be used for the StarTACTM X phone?
Yes. You can use the StarTACTM 70/80/90 battery for StarTACTM X but there will be some compatibility problems. The StarTACTM 70/80/90 battery is NOT optimized for use with the StarTACTM X. If a StarTACTM 70/80/90 battery use on the StarTACTM X, the battery meter will display an inaccurate measurement of charge. However, the actual standby and talk time performance of the StarTACTM 70/80/90 battery is still within the specification.

3. I faced some battery drain issue, what could it be due to?
Battery performance can be affected by a few factors:

(i) Network coverage – The battery performance is greatly affected by network coverage. At the good coverage area, the phone needs less power to transmit to the mobile base station, hence it drains less battery power. Whereas, at poor coverage area, the phone requires more power to transmit to the base station, hence more battery power would be drained.

(ii) “Battery Saving Mode” and “Frequency of Search” feature – The ‘Battery Saving Mode’ is also known as DTX (Discontinuous Transmission), this feature will cause your phone to operate at reduced power when you are not talking. “Frequency of Search” option is used to determine how long your phone waits before attempting to re-register after a registration attempt has failed. It has the following setting: Slow Search, Medium Search, Fast Search or Continuous Search. Fast and Continuous Search may use up a significant amount of battery power.

(iii) Charging and Discharging of battery – To ensure maximum battery performance, a new battery should be charged for at least 14 hours before use (please refer to the user manual for the normal charging time). It will require several full charge/discharge cycles in order to achieve its optimum performance. A new battery, or a battery that has not been used for several months, may cause a premature fully charged indication. Ignore this indication and let the battery charge for several more hours, remove and re-insert the battery into the charger, and charge for an additional 14 hours. To ensure that you enjoy maximum battery life and use your battery to its fullest capacity, the battery should be at or near room temperature when charging.

(Note: Please charge or discharge your battery as indicated in the user manual. However, if you find that your battery is not performing to its fullest capacity, please bring your battery together with your phone to Motorola Support Centre for further investigation.)

4. How long is the standby hours and talktime hours for batteries?
An extra capacity LiIon battery will have up to 4 hours of talktime or 3 days of standby time. A slim LiIon battery will have up to 100 minutes of talktime or 30 hours of standby time. All time quoted are approximate and will depend on network configuration and status, functions selectel and signal strength.

5. What is the difference between a travel charger and desktop charger?
The desktop charger allows you to charge a phone with a battery attached and a spare battery at the same time. The travel adaptor can charge a battery when connected directly to the phone.

6. My phone is bought from overseas. Does international warranty apply and where should I send it for repair?
An international warranty certificate should be produced together with the phone when you send it for repair. An administrative charge will be incurred. Those without the warranty certificate will be charged accordingly. Customers can bring their phones to Service One or any of our service centres for service.

7. When I tried to call out, why does my phone always show redial?
This could sometimes be due to congestion in the network or no signal coverage at your calling location. However if you do see this problem regardless of the location, please bring your phone to our distributor service centers or Motorola Support Centre.

8. How do I enable the call charge meter (show call charges) on my phone?
In Malaysia, the network does not support this feature.

9. How long is a battery life span?
A normal battery life span is about 300 to 500 cycles or 1 year depending largely on the temperature, environment and usage of the battery.

10. Can I charge the StarTAC 90 battery with StarTAC 70 charger or vice versa?

11. Will switching the phone to battery-saving mode affect the reception/bar indicator of the phone?

12. Why does the message “Busy, try later” appear when I try to add / retrieve a number from the phone / SIM memory just after I switched on the phone?
When the phone is being powered on, it is loading data or information from the network to the phone. Therefore, it takes a few seconds before you can access the memory, depending on the size of data being loaded.

13. After the earpiece modification, my StarTACTM 70/80/90 cannot automatically power on when I insert it to the Carkit. Why ?
After the modification, the phone cannot be activated by external supply due to the usage of one of the pins for earpiece modification. Therefore, the phone needs to be turn on manually.

14. How do I set the phone to automatic answer in the carkit/headset?
You can activate the automatic answer in the Accessory Setup. This option is available only when phone is fitted onto the carkit/headset (headset function only available on Motorola original headset for StarTACTM X and cd928 onward).

15. How do I access to “Accessory Setup” menu?
This option is available only when phone is fitted onto the carkit/headset (headset function only available on Motorola original headset for StarTACTM X and cd928 onward).

16. Can I off the phone during charging?
Your phone can be either on or off during charging.

17. I have accidentally turn on the “Fixed Dialling” feature, how to disable it?
(i) Go to “MENU” then “PHONE BOOK”.
(iii) Enter PIN2 CODE and then select “OFF”.

18. Can the charger of StarTAC 90 be used on StarTAC X?
Yes. StarTAC 90 and StarTAC X use the same travel charger. For desktop charger, we might need to purchase a “Insert” (Part number: SYN6900A) to close the gap between StarTAC 90 desktop charger and the phone (optional).

19. I accidentally selected a language which I cannot understand under the language selection feature. What can I do?
Power on the phone and enter the following key sequence: “MENU” “2” “6” “OK”, using “#” to scroll to your language and press “OK”.

20. Can I use my phone while charging the battery?
Yes, you can.

21. How do I get the “+” sign to appear on the screen?
Press the “0” and hold for 1 to 2 seconds.

22. What is ‘Switch Memory’?
Switches one-touch dialing between the phone and SIM memories depending on the current setting.

23. I have been told by the dealer to charge the new battery for 14 hours, but the battery indicator shows the battery is fully charged after 2 to 3 hours. Why?
The new batteries are normally supplied in a totally uncharged state. To ensure maximum battery performance, a new battery (or battery that has not been used for several months) should be charged for at least 14 hours before use. A new battery, or a battery that has not been used for several months, may cause a premature fully charged indication. Ignore this indication and let the battery charge for several more hours, remove and re-insert the battery into the charger, and charge for an additional 14 hours.

24. How can I redial the last number call?
When in standby mode, press “OK” “OK”. Alternatively, you can retrieve the last number dialled using the ‘Last Ten Calls’ feature in the Phone Book menu.

25. Can StarTACTM 90’s Carkit use on StarTACTM X? Any additional gadgets need to be purchased? Any compatibility problems?
Yes. You may use your StarTACTM 90’s Carkit on the StarTACTM X. The ‘Insert'(Part number: SYN6900A) is available for purchase (optional), its function is to fill up the gap between the phone and the Carkit holder. Please note that the StarTACTM X was designed in such a way that when auxiliary handset is in used, the phone display will be disabled.

Count On Me

Today’s version of “Count On Me Singapore”.

We have a revision of pay tomorrow
Just decrease, just decrease
We have lost hope for Singapore
We have to believe, we have to believe

You and me, we have to part
With our jobs for a start
We have to show the world what retrenchments can be‚
We can achieve? We are deceived!

There is nothing down the road that we can strive for
We were told a dream that we could never try for

There’s a spirit in the air
It’s a Seventh month feeling we all share
We’re gonna build a better ‘ge-tai’ for you and me
You better believe, you better believe

Count money, Singapore
Count wrongly and you lose even more
Count on me to give my salary and more
Count money, Singapore

We Are Chin Kang Kor (Revised version)
There was a time when people said that bus fares won’t
increase…. but it did
There was a time when they say CPF contributions won’t
decrease…..but it did

We’ll build a nation for PAP
Taxing on everyone who has a lot of money

This is my country, this is my flat
There’s not much future, they’re after my life
They are all Ah Longs, they’re not my friends
We are Chin Kang Kor, Chin Kang Koreans

Singapore, our homeland, it’s here that we are conned!
All of us, together our pockets are Kosong!
We’ve worked so hard together, what have we achieve?
Singapore Forever, a Rojak Company!