Recap of 2005

What had i done in 2005?

– My first domain was created! X-Guy.Com
– Missed watching Singapore National team winning the Tiger Cup.

– Watching a Music Awards Presentation "Live" for the first time, the "Anugerah Planet Muzik".

– Went to the 1st Konsert Hanyut.

– Went to Suria Station for the first time watching Muzika Extravaganza show.
– Went to meet Siti Nurhaliza and the other artists at the airport for the first time. Took my 2nd picture with Siti Nurhaliza and the first picture with Dayang Nurfaizah.
– Busy with the "Smart Algo" project.
– Overtime over 100 hours!

– Rilex while my bosses taking a long holiday.

– Showing 3 fingers at the tail-gating driver. Then a chasing tragedy happened.
– My purple team championed the AVS Day 2005.

SimplySiti.Com was born.
– Went to Perak for the first time.
– Went to Siti Nurhaliza's solo concert in Singapore.
– Took the 3rd photo with Siti Nurhaliza. Maybe the last time for me.
– Met Siti Nurhaliza 3 time in 3 days.

– Adventured to Kuala Lumpur with my working friends.
– Watching National Day firework alone at Jurong East.

– Watched Siti Nurhaliza at the Johor Cultural Extravaganza.
– Watched C-Tea launcing in Singapore.
– Went to Changi Airport to meet Siti Nurhaliza, unfortunately she took the other entrance.

– Went Geylang Serai for the last time before they rebuild the place.

– Jalan Raya with NP guys.

– Went to the 2nd Konsert Hanyut at East Coast.
– Did not go to watch Siti Nurhaliza at the TAA Suria Show.
– No mood to meet Siti Nurhaliza at the airport.
– I missed to meet Siti Nurhaliza on all her show in Singapore!

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