Thank God it Friday… What a day… Geng Mamak??

Just a road drama-mamak story i had this morning…

As usual i was riding my bike at the PIE towards Toa Payoh… I was at the middle lane and i saw a black car was behind me. So i changed to the right lane. And this fucking driver was still behind me, at the right lane.

There was a car infront of me, so i just keep a distant from the front car. I noticed that the black car behind me was tail-gating me. So i played with my foot brake, furthermore, it raining so i just dry up and test that my brake is working fine. Then this fucking indian guy horned me. So i played with my front brake too. I raised my hand with some fingers upwards (noted i say some fingers).

He still tail-gating me when i raised my hand. So i keep on playing with my brakes to indicate to him not to follow me. This fucking idiot just one of the road bullies that think the fucking PIE are for cars only, me the motorbiker should just drive on the left or middle lanes. By tail-gating me, he think i will fuck off to the side and let him tail-gating the front car. My bike can go up to 130km/hr, so i had the right to use it.

Then i ride in between cars to avoid him. After a while he was out of sight. When i filtered to Toa Payoh near the Police Academy, the black car was at the road divider between towards Thomson and Toa Payoh. He raised his hand out of the car (not sure he showed his middle finger at me). I horned at him.

I know he will follow me all the way. So i just headed to my working place. I thought the security guard will stop the fucking indian, but he just went in without stopping.

At first i was thinking of going to the underground carpark, but i sensed it was not a good place as i don't know how many people was in the car. So i just ride to the back allley of the carpark. Unlucky, the company had already widen up the road, so the fucking driver had the chance to keep on following me.

My bike skiddded when i took a sudden right turn. Lucky i managed to prevent it from falling. The chasing continues until i saw my collegue and a few guys having their smoking break.

I stopped near them and told them what had happened. Then the fucking indian stopped beside me and told me that he saw me showing my middle finger at him. I told him, i didn't.

I told him, that he was tail gating me but he said that i was riding slowly at 70km/hr. This stupid fucker was an idiot. It was drizling and the road is wet, so the driving speed should be lowered. I told him that there was a car infront of me, but he try to change the topic telling me he captured me showing my middle finger on his camera phone and told me whether i want him to report it the police.

He said he was in a hurry and was using the right lane to overtake. What the hell he want to overtake when there was a car infront of me! If there was no car infront, i surely give way to him. Such a stupid idiot. In a hurry, still have time to chase me???

From the way he speak, he was just wasting my time and i just let him finish his talking and fucked off as we just keep our mouth shut.

By the way, are we not allowed to use the phone while driving? He want to report, go ahead, by the way, i never do a middle fingered to any drivers, i normally raised my hand with 3 fingers upward, just to confuse them.

Furthermore i'm not pointing at him in the first place as i was infront of him. I'm not stupid to show my only middle finger to someone. It is permissible to use the middle finger to point to something (in my case if i want to use my middle finger, the sky).

I can report him to the police for speeding, tail-gating, using hp while driving, acusing me of showing my middle finger, entering a company compound without permission and chasing me dangerously.

I don't think he took my picture with my fingers up. He just want to scared me. He got no strong evident to show the police. Actually he was the one who was scared because i got some friends with me. He did'nt even dare to come out of his car.

Anyway, i think this fucking indian (2351) got nothing to do, just follow me all the way to my working place and just voiced out his anger. Maybe he also got so much patrol to waste, i think he went to buy the 26% discount the oil company give that day. hahaha..

What the motif of this fucking indian? I think he intend to beat me up, but can't do it when he saw some guys were with me. So he just blew out his anger. And one more thing, he has a lot of chances of stopping me as i was not in the mood of speeding that day because i was more concern of my safety while riding on a wet road. He could overtake me and block me, but why was he just following me??

That Indian Guy Must Be Crazy!

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