Ghost Playing With Marbles At Late Night?

Today the front page of The Sunday Times was talking about the mystery of the falling marbles. They comes out with theories for the cause of the sound of falling marbles.

I think all the theories are not true as i used to heard the sound of falling marbles myself. It was directly above my room and it always happened after 12:00 AM! From what i know, my neighbour got only 3 young girls. I don’t think they play marbles. I also encountered the sound of children running and jumping at the kitchen after 12:00 AM!

At first, these things spooked me, but as times go by, i got used to it as i know that there is someone living above me. If the flat above is vacant, it surely make me feel scared!

The 3 explanations:

Reason A: When water flow is suddenly, the change in presure rattles the pipes, which may sound like marbles dropping after distortion through walls.

Why do the sound occured above my room? When i was at the hall which is nearer to the water pipes, i could not heard it!

Reason B: Some pre-fabricated floors used in HDB flats have an embedded high-strngth steel cable which can give off creaking sounds when they contract.

Same question i have with Reason A. One more question, why it do not happen every night?

Reason C: It is really children playing with marbles.

Do all Singapore’s children play marbles in the middle of the night?

One more reason why i said that the theories are all false because i did not encountered any of the things when my neighbour move out and my new 2nd and 3rd neighbour take over!

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